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What to See in Portugal

Portugal is in demand among experienced tourists and those who are just starting their round-the-world voyage. There is something to see and where to go on an excursion. Any chosen region can offer the guest a warm and mild climate, a variety of tourist destinations and interesting sights, good comfort and a wide range of… Read More »

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand attracts many tourists with its exotic. Amazing landscapes, snow-white beaches, lush greenery – all this is a paradise for your carefree vacation. This is one of the most popular exotic destinations for tourism. Amazing coral reefs, mysterious Buddhist temples, crocodile farms, vibrant nightlife – make the stay for tourists royal. Traditions are respected here.… Read More »

Brief Information About Australia

Australia was discovered by Europeans in the early 17th century. This honor fell to the Dutch admiral Willem Janszon. Before the advent of Europeans, local Aborigines lived calmly and peacefully on the Australian continent. After the appearance of Europeans in Australia, the modern history of this “Green Continent” began. In 1901, the former British colonies… Read More »

Brief Information About South America

When the ships of Christopher Columbus reached Cuba and Haiti in 1492, the Portuguese were sure they had landed in the West Indies. However, in fact, they opened to the world previously unknown lands, which later became known as South America and North America. See South America abbreviations. South America was once also called “Spanish America”,… Read More »

Brief Information About North America

The history of North America began long before the travels of Columbus, and even long before the Maya. Life has been on this continent for a very long time. In North America, scientists find the remains of a wide variety of dinosaur species that are not found anywhere else in the world. See North America abbreviations.… Read More »

Brief Information About Europe

Europe is one of the smallest continents on Earth. About 40 thousand years ago in Europe, modern people replaced the Neanderthals, and since then European civilization has begun. According to ancient Greek mythology, Europe was the daughter of the Phoenician king Agenor and Telefassa, who was kidnapped by Zeus. Subsequently, Europa became the wife of… Read More »

Brief Information About Asia

Asia got its name from ancient Greek mythology. Once upon a time, Asia (Asia) was the daughter of the titan god Oceanid, who became the wife of Prometheus. The ancient Greeks borrowed the word “Asia” from the Assyrians, who called it the place where the sun rises. Therefore, the Greeks began to call the territory… Read More »

Brief Information About Africa

Even in the 21st century, Africa is an incomprehensible and mysterious continent for many travelers from Europe. North America and Asia. Indeed, even scientists who have lived for many years on the “Black Continent” do not always understand the traditions, customs and cultural characteristics of African peoples. See Africa abbreviations. It should be concluded that Africa… Read More »

Switzerland Attractions

St. Gallen St. Gallen, located in eastern Switzerland on the Steinach River near Lake Constance, has an old town with patrician houses from the 17th and 18th centuries. The monastery library in the inner courtyard of the Benedictine monastery, the canton library of St. Gallen, which was founded in 1551, and the baroque cathedral are… Read More »

Pennsylvania History Timeline

Pennsylvania History This beautiful ancestral homeland of the Delaware, Iroquois, Shawanee and Susquehannock Indians changed irrevocably in the early 17th century. Although initially claimed by the British as part of the Virginia Colony , the Dutch and Swedes established small trading posts along the Delaware River and both clashed for control. The Swedes built the… Read More »

Wyoming History Timeline

Evidence of prehistoric human occupation across this rugged land dates back more than 12,000 years. Plains Indians including the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Crow, Shoshone and Ute tribes lived here as the first handful of fur hunters and explorers arrived. Little is known about those early adventurers, but France, Britain, Mexico and Spain all laid claim to… Read More »

Wisconsin History Timeline

During the last Ice Age, North America was sculpted by massive glaciers and subsequent craters formed by receding (melting) ice. In that process, the Great Lakes were born, and this state called Wisconsin was formed. An advanced mound-building culture (called the Mississippians) flourished in this area of ​​North America from AD 800 to the mid-15th… Read More »

West Virginia History Timeline

The area of ​​North America was originally inhabited by the Adena Culture, or (Bund Builders.) They have lived here for thousands of years, and remnants of their fascinating culture remain to this day. Beginning in the 1670s, European adventurers crossed the Appalachians into what was then the western province of the Virginia Colony ; land… Read More »

Washington History Timeline

People arriving over the Bering Strait from Mongolia about 13,000 years ago first inhabited the Pacific Northwest. The native tribes were known for intricately carved totem poles. (The highest totem pole in the world – 105 feet high – is located in Tacoma.) Before the arrival of the Europeans, it is estimated that there were… Read More »

Virginia History Timeline

Prior to England’s affirmative attempts to colonize North America, the land that extended from South Carolina all the way north to the Canadian Maritimes was named “Virginia”, after England’s “Virgin Queen”, Queen Elizabeth I. In the mid-16th century, the Spanish were the first outsiders to actually explore Virginia; all their attempts to settle the area… Read More »

Vermont History Timeline

Originally inhabited by American Indians, the Vermont area was first explored in 1609 by a French expedition led by Samuel de Champlain. He claimed his France, and the state’s largest lake bears his name. A century later, the initial English settlers arrived. In 1724 they built their first permanent settlement (Fort Dummer) on a site… Read More »

Utah History Timeline

History of Utah Ancient peoples have lived in caves and mountains here for eons, many along the shores of Lake Bonneville. The remains of a major lake now include the(salty) Great Salt Lake and(freshwater)Utah Lake surrounded by the Bonneville Salt Flats. Utah is named after the Utah Indians, and that tribe, as well as the… Read More »

Texas History Timeline

History of Texas The first inhabitants of this land now called Texas arrived here around 10,000 BC; they hunted giant bison and mammoths, and over many centuries a wide variety of Indian cultures developed and flourished. These earliest Texans arrived across the ice bridge that once spanned from Russia to Alaska, and then traveled south… Read More »

Tennessee History Timeline

The Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto first visited the Tennessee area in 1540, and quickly claimed the land for Spain. This uninvited invasion of the Native American ancestral homeland would ultimately prove disastrous for the Cherokee Indians and other native tribes. In their ongoing search for gold and silver in the Americas, the Spanish expeditions… Read More »

South Dakota History Timeline

South Dakota, Mt. Rushmore State is located in the Great Plains of North America. Surrounded by six states, Wyoming and Montana to the west, North Dakota to the north, Minnesota and Iowa to the east, and Nebraska to the south, the area just northeast of Belle Fourchet in Butte County, claims to have been the… Read More »

South Carolina History Timeline

The first Europeans arrived along the unexplored coastal areas of the Carolinas (north and south) in the early 16th century. Native American residents in what is now called South Carolina included the Catawba, Cherokee, and Yamasee tribes. The French and Spanish tried to establish permanent settlements, but all failed. In 1670, the English settlement near… Read More »

Rhode Island History Timeline

The original inhabitants of the Rhode Island area (Narragansett, Niantic and Wampanoag Indians) would have perished from diseases brought to the land by European explorers in the 17th century and from the brutality of colonial expansion through their ancestral homelands. In that regard, a Dutch explorer, Adrien Block, visited the island (now called Block Island)… Read More »

Oregon History Timeline

People arriving over the Bering Strait from Mongolia about 13,000 years ago first inhabited the Pacific Northwest. Spanish and British sailors are believed to have sighted the Oregon coast as early as the 1500s. It is estimated that there were 125 distinct Northwestern tribes in the area at the time. In 1775, Spanish captain Don… Read More »

Oklahoma History Timeline

UPDATE – On May 31, 2013, a series of tornadoes ravaged central Oklahoma once again, leaving death and destruction in their wake. On May 20, 2013, a powerful F5 tornado struck the city of Moore, Oklahoma, leaving 24 confirmed dead (including schoolchildren) and hundreds of people injured in its path. The financial impact of the… Read More »

Ohio History Timeline

Ohio history Much like the US state of West Virginia, Ohio was originally inhabited by the Adena Culture, also known as the Mound Builders. These people have lived in the Ohio Valley for centuries, and remnants of their fascinating culture remain to this day as an integral part of Ohio history. A number of Indian… Read More »

North Dakota History Timeline

North Dakota is at times referred to as the “High Plains” state, with Minnesota to its east, South Dakota to its south, Montana to its west, and the Canadian regions of Saskatchewan and Manitoba to its north. The stone marker in Rugby identifies itself as being the “Geographical Center of the North American Continent “.… Read More »

North Carolina History Timeline

When the first Europeans arrived along the unexplored coastal areas of the Carolinas (north and south) in the early 16th century, the only inhabitants were Native Americans. In what is now called North Carolina, they included Algonquian, Iroquois. The Siouan and Tuscarora tribes, and by the middle of the century, several Spanish explorers ventured further… Read More »

New York History Timeline

Bounded by two of the Great Lakes, two Canadian provinces, five US states, the Atlantic Ocean, and anchored by New York State, New York is, frankly, the most breathtaking place. Long ancestral home to Algonquian and Iroquois Indians, it was an English explorer, Henry Hudson, who opened the interior of this promising land to Europeans,… Read More »

New Mexico History Timeline

The American Indians built amazing cliff dwellings in New Mexico centuries before the first Europeans arrived in the Americas, and the structural remnants of those cultures are spread across the state for all to see. In 1536 the Spaniards reached this undiscovered land, and in 1540, V? squez de Coronado led an expedition north from… Read More »

New Jersey History Timeline

This fertile land was first sighted by the Italian explorer Giovanni de Varazano in 1524. When he anchored his ship in what is now New York Harbor, his invasion of this new world would forever change the ancestral homeland of the local Delaware Indians. In 1609 Henry Hudson sailed up his now namesake river, claiming… Read More »