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Kansas City, Missouri

Introduction Kansas City, city in the state of Missouri, part of the urban agglomeration of Kansas City, in the middle of the country, with 435,000 inhabitants. The city is one of the largest three in the state. Center of trade, industry and transport, also educational and cultural center. The industry includes processing of agricultural products,… Read More »

The Climate of Missouri

Missouri (MO) is a state of the United States and is centrally located in this large country. In the year 1821, Missouri became the 24th state of the US. The Missouri landscape is best described as hilly, with some low plains where only slight slopes occur. Missouri lies within the transition zone of the warm… Read More »

Missouri History Timeline

History of Missouri Long before European explorers arrived, this land was the ancestral home of American Indian tribes; they raised their children and crops; hunted abundant land, and for the most part, lived in peace. In 1673, intrepid French explorers, Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet, made their way down the Mississippi River to a… Read More »