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The state of Florida is located in the southeastern United States. It lies to a large extent on the peninsula of the same name in the Atlantic Ocean. The west coast of Florida is on the Gulf of Mexico. Climatically, the north of Florida belongs to the subtropics and the south to the tropics. A well-known national park in Florida is the Everglades. Florida's landscape is characterized by waterlogged grasslands, swamps and mangrove forests. The capital of the state is Tallahassee with around 181,000 inhabitants. The largest city in Florida is Jacksonville, which has around 822,000 residents. Another important city in Florida is Miami with around 400,000 inhabitants. The famous Cape Canaveral launch site for space rockets is located in Florida. The highest point in the state of Florida is Britton Hill at 105 meters, which is the lowest peak of any state in the United States. South of the state mainland are the more than 200 islands that make up the Florida Keys. This chain of tropical islands is almost 300 kilometers long and is largely connected by a road, the Overseas Highway. Check Ask4Beauty for more information about the state of Florida.

Miami, Florida

Introduction Miami, a port city in the state of Florida, on the Biscayne Bay (Atlantic Ocean), with 360,000 inhabitants. See allcitypopulation for latest population of Miami. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale or Greater Miami metropolitan area has 3.1 million inhabitants. and includes renowned beach resorts such as Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Miami Springs and Hialeah, which attract approximately 10… Read More »

The Climate of Florida

According to Abbreviation Finder, Florida (FL) is nicknamed the Sunshine State and of course owes that name to the high number of hours of sunshine, but also to the fact that Florida is an important vacation and winter destination for Americans. The climate of Florida is for the most part a warm maritime climate (type… Read More »

The Weather in Miami, Florida

Here you will find the weather forecast for Miami. View the current weather in Miami and the forecast for the coming days, such as temperatures, the chance of precipitation, the wind direction and the wind strength. With this weather data you can see what kind of weather you can expect in Miami. Based on the… Read More »

Florida History Timeline

Author Buddha Schulberg once quipped of Florida, ” … It’s a melting pot, a frontier, a place to improve your health or your luck.” First seen and explored by Juan Ponce de León in 1513 while on his famous quest for the mythical Fountain of Youth, he subsequently claimed the land of Spain and named… Read More »