Your Jeans Will Look Gorgeous with These Envelope Wallets

Hello guys!

Want a super modern accessory tip that will get you a mess with your jeans? The envelope wallet.

What is

Rectangular bag with a flap closure in the same shape as an envelope and without a strap. This is the definition of the envelope wallet, featured among celebrities, fashionistas and fashion shows.

The great advantage of this bag style is that it incorporates casualness with style and practicality. And as jeans is that joker and super democratic piece, which matches everything, the envelope wallet, for sure, is a great combination request according to Preorderhandbags.Com.

Can You Just Wear It For A Party?

No! The envelope wallet, usually a great partner in party dresses, gets new material that goes far beyond satin and more formal gemstones. And to help, it now appears in larger size to better accommodate necessary and indispensable appliances in women’s bags. Thus, the accessory is seen in different environments, at different temperatures, times and looks.


On the international catwalks, the envelope wallets have gained a great prominence, presented in color block version, modern and elegant. As it could not fail to be, they invaded the winter season of last year and consequently the national brands also invested in the fashion of the envelope wallets.


Thick materials can be colored, smooth, textured, woven, straw or leather in maxi, midi or mini sizes. Clearly, the model binds easily to other fevers, such as tack and snake print.

Even with all this, the great differential of the piece is really due to its format, bringing to the production an elegant but modern tone. The important thing is to know how to combine to relax the look.


– To make up your look by using envelope wallets, opt for jeans in long skirts, modern slacks, shorts, overalls and dresses that, with the sophistication of the wallet, will be repaginated.
– In addition to the stripped clothes, the envelope wallet can compose social productions when combined with tailor cut pieces. The model gains prominence, as it dispenses with specific ceremonies, just as it perfectly combines with heels, sneakers and loafers.

– The use of the wallet with loose dresses, floral prints, sneakers and rounded modeling is an interesting way to compose the production, because its rigid shape is attenuated by the more organic characteristics of the look.

– It is worth varying colors, sizes, materials and formats, as well as how to use the classic hand bag. Citrus-colored wallets are ideal to wear with neutral looks, highlighting the accessory. Therefore, to highlight the clothing worn choose neutral color models.

– For day to day, the envelope wallet can be a valuable multipurpose accessory, used even as a protective cover for tablets, depending only on the size and its destination.

– When using this model, only indispensable belongings must be loaded. When too full, one runs the risk of disintegrating the aesthetics of the piece.

In paste or envelope format, in neutral or vibrant colors, fabric or leather, with print or applications, the wallet or purse envelope is a practical and modern accessory that will make your jeans look much more interesting.

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