What to See in Portugal

By | May 24, 2022

Portugal is in demand among experienced tourists and those who are just starting their round-the-world voyage. There is something to see and where to go on an excursion. Any chosen region can offer the guest a warm and mild climate, a variety of tourist destinations and interesting sights, good comfort and a wide range of prices.

When is the best time to go?

Sea holidays in Portugal on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, where we recommend to go in the high season (from May to September), is notable for its comfortable mild climate. During this period, you can swim, sunbathe and not be afraid of a sharp change in weather. In the cold season, it is better to relax in the south of Portugal, where the weather is characterized by low rainfall.

Portugal in summer

According to top-medical-schools, summer in Portugal begins the beach season. The pleasant and gentle sun already in June allows you to relax on the beaches and surf.

It is noteworthy that due to the cool Atlantic current, the air temperature is not hot (+30-31 °C). Therefore, even in July, when the weather in neighboring countries is sultry and not suitable for every organism, it will be comfortable to relax in Portugal in the midst of a beach holiday with small children.

On the archipelago of the Azores and Madeira, where it is better to relax in Portugal in August, you can combine a beach vacation with interesting sightseeing routes for an independent acquaintance with island life.

Portugal in autumn

The first autumn month in Portugal is an abundance of entertainment for every taste. You can spend a quiet romantic evening on the Riviera of Lisbon. Easily buy a ticket to the best museums. Swim in the Atlantic or relax on the beach all day under the warm sun.

All this is offered by Potugalia in September, when the velvet season comes. If you are tired of long queues, then it is worth noting the islands of Porto Santo, where it is better to go abroad in September. In October, the rainy season begins in Portugal, but the air temperature is quite comfortable for travel (+ 24-25 ° C), and prices are low.

Portugal in winter

There are interesting places in Portugal where it is comfortable to relax in winter. It is cold here (only +15 °С) to relax on the ocean coast in winter, but you can take a leisurely walk through the green cities and historical places. Despite the frequent rains at this time of the year, in January you should definitely go to Madeira for the New Year.

Portugal in spring

Spring is a calm period in Portugal: it will be comfortable to travel here for those who are accustomed to changeable weather and are ready to explore a new country during the rainy season. Portugal is blooming and actively preparing for the influx of tourists in May.

In spring, the country looks colorful, so this is a good time for those who care about beautiful landscapes for numerous pictures, because at this time it is still cold to swim here.

Popular holiday destinations

The republic is attractive for a beach holiday. On the clean coasts of the ocean, you can spend days on end or succumb to the temptation and try your hand at windsurfing, arrange a romantic adventure or go on a fascinating exploration of the ancient relics and sights of the country.

Portugal is a European state where it is profitable to go on your own. Arrange a car tour of cities and provinces, visit amazing lakes in the craters of volcanoes.


The Lisbon Riviera is a popular destination where aristocrats have long come to rest. When planning a tour to Portugal, include the resort towns of Cascais, Estoril and other cities in the list of places worth going to.

This region has everything you need for a comfortable vacation: from the warm sandy shore and the ocean to comfortable and affordable hotels, cozy restaurants with local colorful cuisine. Beautiful seascapes should be diluted with a visit to no less attractive architectural sights of the capital: the castle of St. George and the Cathedral.


The old, large and unusual city of Portugal attracts many tourists with its history, ancient buildings, many of which are protected by UNESCO. Walk through the narrow streets, visit the majestic cathedral, the church of San Francisco, go to the Ribeira area, where small colored houses are located one after another. And when you feel the amazing culture of Porto, do not forget to taste the local symbol – port wine on one of the excursions.


Going on a romantic weekend in Europe? – Walk around the ancient city of Sintra. Here you will find exciting excursions to the Pena Palace, to the Moorish Castle. Against the backdrop of ancient architecture, framed by beautiful gardens, one can see beautiful urban landscapes. Holidays in Sintra will appeal to lovers of picturesque nature and ancient legends. There is a beautiful national park on the very shore of the ocean.


A favorite tourist destination in Portugal, where young people prefer to come. Festivals are often held on the island (for example, the carnival of flowers in May), and the nightlife here is not inferior to the entertainment programs of Cyprus. Here it is worth visiting the botanical garden, climbing the Pico Riva mountain, going on excursions to the Monte Palace.

Vacation with children

For holidays with children in Portugal, we suggest choosing regions where the air and water temperature warms up quite well in the high season:

  • Algarve – the beaches are favorably suited for family holidays, there are many entertainments for the smallest tourists (water parks, attractions).
  • Alvor is an ideal place for a seaside holiday with children, because the ocean here is always calm and warm.
  • Lagoa – here you can not only comfortably spend time on the sea coast, but also go to the zoo.
  • Azores – you will find a quiet and relaxing holiday in the wild.

Excursion rest

Portugal is a beautiful sunny place where it is better to relax by the sea. It surprisingly combines comfortable tourist centers with a lot of entertainment, natural attractions and unusual landscapes, historical and cultural values. Therefore, it is beneficial to combine a beach vacation by the ocean with exciting excursions:

  • visit the Regaleira Palace near Sintra;
  • go to the mysterious Templar castle Tomar;
  • go to the religious center of the country of Braga;
  • go on a gastronomic excursion to Evora.

Car rental and public transport

Traveling to remote stretches of the Atlantic Ocean, seeing a spectacular sunset in Marinha, relaxing on secluded beaches (like Praia do Benagil) away from the city can sometimes be difficult in Portugal if you use public transport. You can organize your own trips to the most interesting places on the coast on a rented car. The cost of car rental per day varies: 12-50 € in winter and 30-100 € in summer.

If you want to save money, you can use public transport: it is convenient to travel between cities by express trains, and within the city – trams, metro, buses, funiculars.

Beach holidays in Portugal

A good beach holiday is another hallmark of Portugal. Well-groomed places for recreation, azure water and many water activities appeal to numerous tourists. The coast can be different – from pebbly to sandy and even rocky, so we recommend choosing a place where to relax in Portugal at sea according to individual preferences.

We recommend the best resorts and beaches in Portugal, where to relax on the ocean:

  • Azores (Porto Pim, Praia Formosa);
  • Algarve (Maria, Falesia);
  • Faro District (Falesia, Evaristo);
  • Lagoa (Praia do Benagil, Praia do Carvalho).

How to find accommodation?

In all resorts you can find inexpensive, but comfortable and with good service hotels. Many hotels offer an all-inclusive system, which will also allow you to save a little on food during your vacation. For a budget tourist, you can easily find a comfortable hostel, where a night will cost only 10 €.

There is a special type of hotels in Portugal – pousadas. To accommodate guests, specially restored and equipped castles, fortresses, as well as luxurious villas built in a medieval style are used.


Portuguese cuisine is a special attraction of the country, so in all restaurants, cafes, fairs and festivals you can always have a hearty and inexpensive lunch. The basis of traditional dishes is meat and fish. Fresh seafood is an indispensable element of any feast.

In order to get to know the refined and very diverse cuisine of Portugal, many tourists come on a gastronomic tour, where you can taste not only the distinctive taste of dishes, but also get acquainted with the traditions of different regions of the country. For example, in the Azores, there are national dishes that are prepared in the mouth of a volcano, and in Belem you can enjoy unusual sweet delicacies.

What to See in Portugal