What Belongs to Great Britain?

By | August 18, 2022


When you think of Great Britain, you cannot ignore the metropolis of London .

The highlights include the Big Ben clock tower , the London Eye , Buckingham Palace , Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament .

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According to psyknowhow.com, England is probably the most famous part of Great Britain, mainly because of the capital London .

But England has much more to offer, for example the impressive cliffs, the beaches of Cornwall and other large cities such as Liverpool and Manchester with their typical Victorian architecture. Then of course there are the many castles such as Windsor Castle , the famous English Gardens and history dating back to the Romans.

When we think of “typically England” we think of…

  • the queen
  • red phone booths and
  • tea time with delicious scones.


Mysterious Stone Circle

In the middle of southern England there are a good 80 huge stones in a circle. What is that? Stonehenge! What that means? We still don’t quite agree on that.

Stonehenge was formed more than 4,000 years ago and is a true marvel of mankind as it is still a mystery how the stones got here.

Durdle Door

Dream beach in Cornwall

Durdle Door is a beautiful sandy beach in Cornwall. The namesake is the gigantic stone arch , which even belongs to the UNESCO world natural heritage .

The beach is surrounded by green meadows and the steep, gleaming white chalk cliffs . Durdle Door even made it into our top 22 of the most beautiful beaches in Europe .


Wales is the land of myth and legend that tells of Merlin and King Arthur. There are more castles here than anywhere else in Europe.

And the landscapes are simply the purest idyll: lonely beaches with golden sand and meadows where wild horses graze. Wales is also a real insider tip for surfers looking for empty waves.

When we think of “typically Wales” we think of…

  • red kites (the Welsh national symbol),
  • rugby and
  • super delicious Welsh cakes.

Snowdonia National Park

Paradise for active vacationers

Snowdonia is a nature reserve that is home to Wales’ tallest mountain – Snowdon. The national park is perfect for hiking , mountain biking and water sports.

Even extreme mountaineers get their money’s worth. And real adrenaline junkies should try one of the ziplines.

For a more leisurely pace, take the Snowdon Mountain Railway to the summit and enjoy the views.


Picturesque small town for bathers

Tenby is a truly picturesque fishing village on the Welsh coast. Here small boats rock in the harbor and tourists stroll through the medieval streets with lots of colorful houses .

There are definitely not many sights here! But if you are looking for a place to unwind , then Tenby is a real paradise.

Gower Peninsula

Welsh dream beaches

The Gower Peninsula is home to some of the finest beaches in Britain and most are great for families with children too. And especially compared to Italy or Spain, you don’t have to worry about getting space for your towel here.

Water sports enthusiasts also get their money’s worth here, whether for kayaking , surfing or stand up paddling .


Scotland ‘s wild and romantic landscapes are simply a dream for road trips or hiking. In the Highlands , lush green meadows stretch endlessly over mountains and in between lie mirror-smooth lakes and mystical castle ruins .

No sign of mass tourism – in Scotland you will only meet a few sheep on the road. And if you feel like a little more action, you can take a detour to Glasgow or Edinburgh .

When we think of “typically Scotland” we think of…

  • men with kilts and bagpipes,
  • really tasty whisky
  • and a lot of sheep.


Big city with a lot of history

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and parts of the historic old town are even a UNESCO World Heritage Site . In the city center, on the other hand, you will find numerous shopping opportunities, pubs and cafés.

Edinburgh Castle towers high above the city . The view from here is only surpassed from Arthur’s Seat .

Incidentally, Edinburgh is particularly famous for the numerous festivals that take place from summer onwards.

Isle of Skye

An island like in a fairy tale

Scotland has more than 700 islands, of which the Isle of Skye is certainly one of the most beautiful. Just getting there over the huge Skye Bridge is an experience in itself.

The nature is just amazing: at the Old Man of Storr , huge rocks rise up like needles, you can watch whales and dolphins from Neist Point and swim in the fairy pools between splashing waterfalls.

Loch Ness

From the mysterious sea monster Nessie

Nessie is probably the most well-known Scotsman, namely the sea monster that is said to live in Loch Ness. Nessie has never been seen, but at least Loch Ness with a depth of 230 meters is not exactly a small puddle.

Either way, as the huge loch with the ruins of Urquhart Castle sits between the Highlands, it is definitely a Scottish picture book setting .