Watches in Rose Gold are Coveted Autumn Accessories

Gold is such a long-lasting theme. In addition to silver, it is the most popular material when it comes to jewelry, but it does not always have to be massive, especially in fashion watches, it is usually only the alloys held in gold or silver. Gold is not only a material, but also a coveted color, and especially rose gold is a true classic when it comes to the theme of popular watch colors and is currently experiencing a special hype.

It’s just the perfect blend of gold and color, and just so wonderfully subtle and reserved. Roségold can be combined nicely and fits almost all colors and tones, without losing its effect or other colors: like a chameleon it adapts to the particular outfit and mood of its wearer. Although it was in the past especially the large XXL watches, which were everywhere and always to be seen, but at the moment you can clearly see that the trend is growing again to smaller clocks, whereby the XXL trend is by no means disappearing, but by the Somewhat more filigree models again more variety.

The new collections have a lot to offer in roségold variety and in all sorts of designs. I definitely fell in love with The Nixon ‘s The Small Kensington, a perfect watch that makes the balancing act between cool, casual and yet classy and sexy. If you prefer something more filigree and smaller, Fossil is in good hands because the Olive Ladies watch offers all that.
Superslim and so incomprehensible ultralight to wear are the watches from Skagen. Whoever has never worn one, should make up for it. The design is typical of the Danish brand and wearing a real experience, of course in this particular case also in rose gold.
If you like it bigger and striking, you should take a look at the Peony multi-function watch, it is not only pink gold, but also decorated with pretty rhinestones and definitely makes a lot of things when you know how to use it. The long-lasting fire Houston, one of esprit’s most successful collections, is also available in rosé gold.