Visiting Marbella

By | May 13, 2021

In the south of Spain is the city of Marbella. The city is part of the Malaga province of Andalusia and has about 140,000 inhabitants. The city with its old town, promenades, designer shops and casinos plays an important role as a tourist resort on the Costa del sol, the Spanish sunny coast. Since the 60s, many Swedes have owned holiday homes or settled in Marbella. The sunny coast has over 300 days of sunshine a year and therefore attracts many tourists year after year.

To get to Marbella you first need to fly to Malaga and then get on to Marbella by bus, car or taxi. It takes about 40 minutes to get from Malaga Airport to Marbella.
In Marbella there are many hotels that are suitable for different types of visitors. From families with children to pensioners. There is something for everyone.

Marbella’s beautiful old town or Casco Antiguo in Spanish was founded in Roman times. In this part of Marbella you can stroll around the old alleys and admire the beautiful buildings and flowers that adorn the house facades. The old town is full of small shops and restaurants. Here you can find exciting souvenirs to take home as a souvenir. The shops offer a lot, including jewelry and handicrafts. After strolling for a while, you may want to sit down at an outdoor terrace in one of the cozy squares. There are many different cafés, restaurants and tapas places. The atmosphere here is very familiar and pleasant.

Marbella also has a newer part and many experience a big difference between the new and the old. In the newer part of Marbella, the houses are high and the streets wide. Instead of strolling in the cobbled alleys, stroll here on long boulevards with international designer shops and modern malls.

6 kilometers west of Marbella you will find the luxurious marina Puerto Banús. The harbor promenade is lined here with designer shops and exclusive restaurants. If you are interested in boats, this is the place for you. Here you can walk around and check out the luxury boats and maybe it happens that you get to see one or two celebrities? With its designer shops and luxury restaurants, this is the place for you who may want to try living the luxury life for a day.

Marbella has many different beaches. Along the city’s coastal strip of 26 kilometers, the beaches are like a string of pearls. Once again, there is something for everyone here. Beach areas where peace and quiet are in focus or beaches with a lot of mischief and play. Funny beach is an example of such a beach. The beach has its own amusement park and here the focus is on fun activities. Funny beach is a little outside the city but there are also beaches in central Marbella. These beaches are suitable for families with children as the water is usually calm. Here, among other things, sun loungers, showers and parasols are available and many families with children come here because it is convenient as the beaches are as central as they do.

Nueva Andalucia, also known as the “golf valley”, is located next to Puerto Banús and has many hotels and holiday homes. The place is perfect for you who play golf and maybe are planning a golf trip. Or if you just want to live in a beautiful environment.

Visiting Marbella