US 283, 287 and 377 in Oklahoma

By | October 28, 2022

US 283 in Oklahoma

US 283
Get started Elmer
End Gate
Length 204 mi
Length 328 km









According to bestitude, US 283 is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms a north-south route in the west of the state, from the Texas border through Altus and Sayre to the Kansas border. The route is 328 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Near Elmer, US 283 crosses the Red River in Texas, also the border with Oklahoma. The road then continues north through prairie areas and reaches the town of Altus, where it crosses US 62. The road then has 2×2 lanes for a while and then jumps a bit towards the west. It is about 100 kilometers to Interstate 40, which it crosses at the town of Sayre. It also crosses the North Fork of the Red River here.

Then begins a long route over the prairies of the Black Kettle Grasslands to the north, a drive of about 110 kilometers. One does not encounter places larger than a small village here and one crosses the Canadian River. At the village of Arnett you cross the US 60. US 283 then jumps a bit to the west and runs due north about ten kilometers from the border with Texas. After about 55 kilometers you cross the US 270, which is double numbered with the US 412. You then pass through the village of Laverne, the last town before the border with Kansas. The road then crosses US 64. Not far after that one crosses the Cimarron River, after which the road crosses the border withKansas crossing. US 283 in Kansas continues towards Dodge City.


US 283 was added to the network in 1931. The Oklahoma route has not changed significantly since then. At creation, the entire US 283 was still unpaved. It was not until around 1945 that the first parts were asphalted around Altus and Sayre. By 1948 the route in southern Oklahoma was completely paved. North of Roll, however, the route was still largely unpaved. In the late 1940s, parts around Arnett and Laverne were paved, but the last parts were not paved until around 1954.

Traffic intensities

The road is very quiet, only around Altus it is a bit busier with about 8,000 vehicles per day. The rest of the route has between 600 and 2,000 vehicles per day.

US 287 in Oklahoma

US 287
Begin Kerrick
End Boise City
Length 41 mi
Length 66 km
TexasBoise City


US 287 is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms a north-south link at the far west of the Panhandle and runs from the Texas border through Boise City to the Colorado border. The road is 66 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Near the hamlet of Kerrick, US 287 in Texas crosses the border with Oklahoma, at an altitude of about 1,200 meters. The landscape consists of desolate plains with little agriculture. Here you cross the Beaver River and after about 30 kilometers you reach the village of Boise City. This is the westernmost place of importance in Oklahoma and several roads cross here. From the south, US 385 merges with US 287. It also crosses the triple numbering US 56 / US 64 / US 412. The roads run from New Mexico toward Guymon in the east. US 283 and US 385 then run north together and reach the Colorado border after 30 kilometers. TheUS 287 in Colorado then continues towards Lamar in the southeast of that state.


US 287 was added to the network in 1935, although it did not pass through Oklahoma until 1940. At that time, US 287 was still unpaved, largely a gravel road. The route was mainly paved between 1945 and 1947. It was the westernmost paved road in Oklahoma at the time, many other roads in the Oklahoma Panhandle were still unpaved. This was because US 287 was of significant passing importance from Fort Worth to Denver. In 1991 the road was designated as part of the Ports to Plains Corridor

Traffic intensities

The road still handles some through traffic, but the intensities are quite low with about 2,000 to 3,000 vehicles. US 287 is clearly the main road that crosses Boise City.

US 377 in Oklahoma

US 377
Get started Willis
End Stroud
Length 140 mi
Length 225 km






According to biotionary, US 377 is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms a north-south route through the center of the state and runs from the Texas border through Ada and Seminole to Interstate 44 in Stroud. The road is 225 kilometers long.

Travel directions

At Willis, the road crosses Lake Texoma into the Red River, which also marks the Texas – Oklahoma border. US 377 in Texas comes from Denton. The road then heads north and soon reaches Madill, where it crosses US 70. US 177 also begins here, the road to Shawnee. The road then starts on a route of about 90 kilometers to Ada. You pass through a sloping area with meadows and a little forest. Around Ada is a ring road designed as a motorway. Several state routes are crossed here, but no US Highways. After Ada, the road continues north and crosses the Canadian River. One then reaches the large village of Seminole, where the US 270. Not far after that, the connection with Interstate 40 follows. Not far after that you cross the US 62 in the village of Prague. The road then continues for another 20 miles to the village of Stroud, where it ends at Interstate 44, the Oklahoma City to Tulsa toll road.


US 377 was added to the network in 1930. The route originally ran only in Texas, only since 1968 the US 377 runs in Oklahoma, the terminus was then Madill. In 1991, the route to I-44 at Stroud was extended. Madill’s extension to Stroud has not been approved by the AASHTO. The reason this was done would be because otherwise Ada would be the largest town in Oklahoma without a US Highway.

Traffic intensities

The road is fairly quiet and between Madill and Ada generally counts between 1,000 and 2,000 vehicles per day. From Ada to the I-40 it is a bit busier, about 5,000 vehicles. Up to Stroud, 3,000 vehicles drive every 24 hours.

US 377 in Oklahoma