US 177 and 183 in Oklahoma

By | October 26, 2022

US 177 in Oklahoma

US 177
Get started madilli
End South Haven
Length 233 mi
Length 375 km









still water


Ponca City




South Haven

According to ablogtophone, US 177 is a US Highway in the United States. The road forms a secondary north-south route through central Oklahoma and a very short section into Kansas. The route runs from Madill in southern Oklahoma through Shawnee and Stillwater to South Haven in Kansas. The route is 375 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The northern end of US 177 in South Haven, Kansas.

The road begins in the village of Madill, where it crosses US 70 . The US 377 is also crossed here. The road first heads west for a bit, towards Ardmore, before turning north. The road continues north through slightly hilly terrain and crosses the Chickasaw Turnpike at the town of Sulfur. Then you come to a flatter area and the road runs straight to the north for tens of kilometers. At Asher, one crosses the Canadian River, a major river in the state. The road then continues to Tecumseh, where US 270 merges. You then pass Shawnee, a regional town. Shortly after this one crosses the Interstate 40. US 270 also exits here via I-40 heading west. The road then continues long and straight to the north, crossing US 62 at the hamlet of Jacktown.

About 20 kilometers further on you cross Interstate 44 in Tulsa. The road then follows the grid pattern of the road network and heads straight north, crossing the Cimarron River at Perkins. Not far afterwards you reach the town of Stillwater. On the north side of Stillwater is a long ramp to the Cimarron Turnpike, the toll road to Tulsa. Not far after that you cross the US 64 and a little further on is the connection with the Cimarron Turnpike itself. The road then continues to Ponca City, where US 177 turns west and doubles with US 60 for about 20 miles.. The road has 2×2 lanes here and turns north in Tonkawa, where it crosses US 77. The road then turns north and at Braman one crosses Interstate 35. Shortly thereafter, the road crosses the Kansas border and ends at US 81 in South Haven after 2.5 miles.


US 177 was added to the US Highways network in 1929 and then ran from Tonkawa, Oklahoma to South Haven, Kansas, on the state line. This was a very short route. In 1965 the number was extended to Dickson, Oklahoma in the south of the state and in 1985 the starting point was slightly changed to Madill, Oklahoma. Interstate 35 was then constructed mainly west of US 177 as a parallel route.

Traffic intensities

The road, like many roads in Oklahoma, is not very busy. The road between Madill and Shawnee has between 1,400 and 5,000 vehicles with 14,500 in Shawnee itself. There are 3,000 vehicles between I-40 and I-44, with a maximum of 17,200 at Stillwater. Between Stillwater and Ponca City, there are between 3,000 and 6,000 vehicles per day, and the double numbering with US 60 and US 77 has 6,000 vehicles. 1,300 vehicles cross the Kansas border every day.

US 183 in Oklahoma

US 183
Begin Davidson
End Buffalo
Length 221 mi
Length 356 km










According to beautyphoon, US 183 is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms a secondary north-south route through the west of the state and runs from the Texas border through Clinton and Woodward to the Kansas border. The road does not pass through large places. The road is 356 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road crosses the Red River at Davidson, double numbered with US 70 from Vernon, also the border between Texas and Oklahoma. In Davidson, US 70 turns east, while US 183 continues north. The road then leads over the flat prairies of western Oklahoma and from Fredrecik the road has 2×2 lanes until Snyder, a distance of 30 kilometers. In Snyder you cross the US 62. The road then runs along Tom Steed Lake and passes through an area of ‚Äč‚Äčendless meadows divided by a road network in a 1 by 1 mile grid. The last 25 kilometers from Cordell to Clinton have 2×2 lanes again. In Clinton one then crosses the Interstate 40. After Clinton, 70 empty and straight kilometers follow to the north. At the hamlet of Taloga, one crosses the Canadian River, one of the more important rivers in the state. Then you reach the village of Seiling, where there is an important crossroads. From Oklahoma City, US 270 merges with US 183 and crosses US 60 and US 281.

The road then has a northwesterly course, which continues for about 80 kilometers. On the way you only pass through the town of Woodward, where the US 412 merges from Enid and a triple numbering is created. This takes about 15 miles to Fort Supply, where US 183 turns north and US 270 and US 412 double-numbered to Guymon in the Panhandle. This area is lonely and foreshadows the still emptier High Plains to the north. In the village of Buffalo you cross the US 64. About 20 kilometers after that you reach the border with Kansas. US 183 in Kansas then continues to Hays in the north of that state.


US 183 was added to the network in 1930, but then ran no further south than Kansas. In 1940, the route was extended south through Oklahoma into Texas, creating the current route. At that time, almost the entire route was still unpaved, largely a gravel road with some improved parts here and there. One of the first parts to be paved was on the Texas border, south of Davidson. US 183 was completely paved between 1945 and 1948.

Traffic intensities

The road is very quiet, and usually has no more than 2,000 vehicles per day between the Texas border and Cordell. Towards Clinton it rises to about 4,600, but north of that, only 1,500 vehicles drive. 3,000 vehicles drive to Woodward, and only 580 vehicles cross the Kansas border every day.

US 183 in Oklahoma