Top 10 New York City Attractions

By | March 28, 2021

With just over eight million inhabitants in central New York , the city is by far the largest in the United States, and at the same time the largest tourist city on the North American continent. More and more Norwegians can afford to travel to the city of millions, which definitely has a lot to offer.

New York is full of popular buildings, famous museums and sights. If you are going to take the trip to New York first, you should set aside plenty of time and even then you are guaranteed not to reach everywhere. Everyone probably has their own favorite sights when it comes to New York, but in this article we have posted what we think are among the best sights in New York and things you should bring with you when you first visit the city.

Top 10 New York City Attractions

10 sights you should visit in New York

  1. Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is familiar to most people. For decades, the building was the tallest in New York, with its 381 meters above the ground. However, the reopening of the new World Trade Center (see point 10) means that the building is no longer the tallest in the city, but it is still the largest tourist attraction. As a tourist, you can buy a ticket to get to the lookout points at the top, and get a unique view of New York, Manhattan and “Downtown”. Be prepared for large queues, and we recommend that you buy VIP tickets in advance online. You will not regret it!

Empire State Building 2

  1. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a must-see when visiting New York. It is a chore you just have to do, whether you choose to take the trip out to Liberty Island to climb the statue, or if you throw yourself on a boat trip around the island. Both can be recommended, while others are content to see the French gift from land.

The Statue of Liberty

  1. Ground Zero (World Trade Center)

In 2001, New York and the United States were hit by a brutal terrorist attack, in which two of the city’s most famous building icons were laid in ruins. Today, monuments have been built where the two skyscrapers stood, which creates a hefty impression when visiting Ground Zero. There are also museums here, which tell the gruesome story of the terrorist attack.

Ground Zero (World Trade Center)

  1. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is the most famous bridge in New York, and it connects the district of Manhattan with Brooklyn. It is almost 2000 meters long, and was in its time the world’s longest suspension bridge. We recommend that you take a walk across the bridge and enjoy the beautiful view of New York, from what is one of the most famous and historic buildings in the city.

Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Central Park

Central Park is the entire city’s outdoor area, located in the heart of the Manhattan neighborhood. Here both locals and tourists meet to get away from the big city noise. There is a very special atmosphere in Central Park, where you are surrounded by fresh nature while you can see the skyscrapers in the distance. Here you will find everything from amusement parks to local baseball games, nice kiosks and lakes.

Central Park 2

  1. “Top of the Rock” – Rockefeller center

Like the Empire State Building, the Top of the Rock lookout point gives you stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Here you have a nice view to both Central Park, One World Trade Center and the Empire State building. Feel free to take the trip up in the evening when New York is shining at its brightest.

“Top of the Rock” – Rockefeller center

  1. Times Square

Another must-do when visiting New York is Times Square. It’s a small area centrally located in Manhattan, and it’s known from both movies and games. Here you will find lots of shops and sights, as well as a number of restaurants and museums. There are always lots of people and tourists here, so walking around Times Square is an experience in itself.

Times Square 2

  1. Stand-up or show on Broadway

New York is known for its stand-up comedy and its Broadway shows and it was precisely in this city that several famous comedian kings made their debuts. The city has many clubs that every night have stand-up shows, and it is recommended that you set aside an evening to experience such a one at home. A visit to the famous Comedy Club is a slightly different New York experience. If you do not like stand-up, a show on the famous Broadway is recommended. Here you can watch famous musicals like Mama Mia or other famous shows.

Stand-up or show on Broadway

  1. Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is a great and dignified railway station which with its 44 tracks and 67 lines is in fact also the world’s largest of its kind. The station is built in Art Nouveau style and is one of New York’s most beautiful public buildings. Grand Central Station has also been the setting for a number of films over the years and a visit is recommended. Here you can sit down at one of the pubs or restaurants and just enjoy the architecture and watch the crowds.

Grand Central Terminal

  1. One World Trade Center

Near the square where the two World Trade Center buildings stood before they were laid in ruins by terrorists in 2001, a new skyscraper was recently opened under the name One World Trade Center. It extends a full 546 meters above the ground, and is consequently the tallest building in New York. It is also the fourth largest skyscraper in the world, and opened in November 2014.

One World Trade Center 2