The Climate of Virginia

By | August 27, 2022

The US state of Virginia (VA) is located on the east coast of the United States, bordering Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Virginia largely has a warm maritime climate, type Cfa according to the often applied climate system of Köppen-Geiger. Inland there is a small transition area that has a warm continental climate (type Dfa), which quickly changes into a moderate continental climate (type Dfb). This is the part of Virginia that lies in the mountainous region of the Appalachians (called the Appalachian Mountains in English). Virginia’s climate is ideal for growing a variety of crops, including tobacco and cotton. These two products have been the main pillars of the local economy for a long time. Today, the money is mainly earned by companies in the legal,

Virginia’s climate is mainly determined by the presence of the Atlantic Ocean, the Appalachians, which act as a natural buffer against cold fronts in winter, and its location around the 37th/38th parallel, which ensures that the sun in the summer months significantly increases the temperature. can increase. With an average maximum temperature of 31 degrees in July, the capital Richmond, for example, is not inferior to most sun destinations on our own Mediterranean Sea. Summer in Virginia starts as early as the second half of May and usually lasts well into September. It only gets noticeably cooler in October, in western Virginia it can cool down a bit earlier. Due to the predominantly offshore wind in the winter months, the influence of the seawater is less strong than in many other places on earth. As a result, the mercury can easily drop below freezing during the night in the winter months and almost every winter there will be a period with moderate to severe frost at night and light frost during the day. In winter there is therefore a chance of snowfall, depending on the location there are on average between 5 and 20 snow days per year. When it snows, considerable amounts can fall, sometimes tens of centimeters within 24 hours.

Virginia is in the supply route of tropical depressions and hurricanes. From June there is a risk of tropical storms, which can cause considerable damage. This is most likely in August, September and October. The hurricane season ends in early December. At that moment, the chance of snow storms suddenly increases and daily life can be disrupted by sudden, heavy snowfall. Another phenomenon you may encounter in Virginia is the unpredictable tornadoes. These whirlwinds can cause a lot of damage and are seen especially in central Virginia. In April and May 2011, a period when eastern America was heavily ravaged by tornadoes, there were also several fatalities in Virginia.

Climate figures

The figures below are based on long-term average climate statistics. The temperatures are displayed in degrees Celsius (°C).

maximum temperature minimum temperature hours of sunshine per day days of rainfall per month
January 8℃ -4℃ 6 11
February 9℃ -3℃ 6 10
March 15℃ 2℃ 7 11
April 21℃ 7℃ 9 10
May 25℃ 12℃ 9 11
June 30℃ 17℃ 10 10
July 31℃ 19℃ 10 11
August 31℃ 19℃ 9 10
September 27℃ 15℃ 8 8
October 22℃ 8℃ 7 7
November 16℃ 3℃ 6 9
December 10℃ -1℃ 5 10

The climate of Langley

Langley is located in northern Virginia, west of Washington DC. The city is best known for the presence of the headquarters of the CIA, the central intelligence agency of the US. Often the service is even referred to simply as Langley. The CIA was founded in World War II to gather intelligence on the adversary, later became a major player in the Cold War and today focuses mainly on terrorism and monitoring large corporations and undemocratic regimes. In addition to the CIA, several other government departments also have their offices here. Langley primarily serves as a sort of suburb for Washington. Many city residents work in Washington.

Langley has a warm maritime climate, characterized by mild winters and warm, humid summers. The temperature difference between the four seasons is not great due to the influence of the sea. In the winter months the temperature drops just a few degrees below freezing. Spring starts early and the temperature is already rising. In the summer months it is quite warm, but there can also be a lot of rain. The autumn months are still mild in temperature. There is considerable rainfall throughout the year in Langley. In the winter months it can precipitate in the form of snow.

The climate of Norfolk

Norfolk is a port city on the east coast of Virginia. The city has a large naval base and has historically been an important economic center on the coast. Settlers came here from early US history to explore the hinterland from Norfolk. Norfolk was important as a trading center and a major part, as a naval base, in the American Civil War. Even today, Norfolk’s maritime character is well preserved. In addition to the large naval port, there is a large port for cargo ships and a marina. There is also a large maritime museum, where you can discover everything about shipping and life in the sea. Due to Norfolk’s long history, the history can be easily seen walking through the city. Buildings and architectural styles from all centuries can still be admired. Whether it concerns the first wooden-frame houses or the later Art Deco buildings. Several examples are scattered throughout the center.

Norfolk has a warm maritime climate. Winters are mild and rarely have sub-zero temperatures. At most, a little bit of snow can fall in the deep winter. From May the temperature rises again and it becomes pleasantly warm. In the summer months it can even reach an average of around 30°C. Due to the influence of the sea, a lot of precipitation can fall all year round. This is fairly constant over the year, with a single peak in the months of July and August.

The climate of Richmond

Richmond, located fairly centrally in the state, is the capital of Virginia. Richmond is a city with many businesses and an excellent local economy. Because Richmond was the capital of the southern states during the Civil War, the city is now rich in monuments and fine museums. Examples include the Jefferson Davis Monument, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of the Confederacy. Since 2003, Richmond has also been home to the headquarters of the largest cigarette manufacturer in the world: Philip Morris. The makers of the very popular Marlboro brand have a large factory here for the local market and for export to neighboring countries.

Richmond has a warm maritime climate (type Cfa according to the Köppen climate system), with relatively mild winters, warm summers and precipitation that is fairly spread over the whole year. With over 2800 hours of sunshine, Richmond can be called quite sunny, with June and July being the very sunny top months. In total it rains about 100 to 130 days a year, during which an average of 1115 millimeters of precipitation falls. In the winter months there is a good chance that the precipitation will fall in the form of snow instead of rain.

The climate of Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is located in eastern Virginia on – the name says it all – the coast. Virginia Beach is a large resort and has a very long and wide beach. Hotels, restaurants and apartments are built along the beach for kilometers and Virginia Beach is therefore also called Resort City. In the summer months, surfing competitions, beach volleyball tournaments and other sporting activities are organized here. Although a large part of the population earns their living in the tourism industry, a number of other sectors are also well represented. Virginia Beach has two universities and several military bases.

Virginia Beach has a warm maritime climate. Pleasantly warm summers make for great beach weather. The fun is only spoiled by a shower here and there. The winter months in Virginia Beach are mild. Only a few times does the temperature drop below freezing. Snowfall is rare. There are four distinct seasons. However, the temperatures do not differ much. Early in the spring the temperature rises pleasantly and the autumn months also have a mild character.

Virginia Beach