The 3 Best Fishing Destinations in the Southeast Region of Brazil

Debut today here on the blog a series of posts about fishing in each region of the country. The idea is to create a guide to the fishery in each region with best fishing rivers, features, tips and whatever else is important to you to fish better, no matter where.

Let’s start today with the Southeast region. The three main destinations of freshwater fishing in this region is the São Francisco River, the region of southern Minas Gerais, dam, around the town of Alfenas, Minas Gerais and also the Paraibuna River that bathes the Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. It’s about these targets we’re going to talk about today. Ready to embark on this with us?

1) Rio São Francisco

In the São Francisco River you will find more than 152 species of fish such as curimatã-pacu, gold, matrinxã fish-surubim, mandi-mandi, yellow-açu, pirá and piaui-true.

In the North of minas was recently found a new species of Piau. He has a small, with about 10 cm, has black macules large distributed by the side of your body. If you are interested in fishing different species, the San Francisco in Northern mines can be a great option.

The best time for fishing in the São Francisco River is from March to October when the flood season ends. Despite that, this year, it didn’t rain much which left the full dry season, making it easier to fish in these periods. However, prefer fishing between March and October, because outside of this period for the spawning season, for example, when fishing is prohibited. We’ve talked about it here.

What to take for fishing in San Francisco?

Baits indicated: natural, artificial surface small, half-water and bottom

Equipment: medium/heavy Rod 5.6 to 6.0 and 8 lines to 17 pounds.

2) Dam

The furnas dam, also known as the sea of Mines, is part of 34 municipalities of Minas Gerais and offers an excellent infrastructure both for fishing and diving and other nautical activities.

Is a very beautiful region which can render a fishing with large natural resources. And if you don’t go fishing a lot, at least will be enchanted with the beauty of the place.

But the dam offers excellent conditions for fishing, with good fishing spots, and has in its water species like Bass, the most famous of the region, Trairão, Corvina and Painted.

The best time to fish there is also between March and October, but even better is to go at the beginning of the season. The dam has an always intense tourist activity that worsens during the fishing season. So if you want peace, go in the beginning.

What to take for fishing in Caves?

Bait: lambari, zara, popper, worm

3) Rio Paraibuna

Another option for fishing in the East is the river Paraibuna. In it you will find the Peacock bass species, Golden and Piabanha, the latter refers to a fish that has become a symbol of rio and it was captured in the 50. Today, there is an environmental program of repopulation of the species. But is the Peacock bass one of the most fished in the river today.

And in the case of the Paraibuna River, the best period for fishing is at the beginning between March and October when the flood season is over.

What to take for fishing on the Paraibuna?

Lures: zara, lambari, stick, popper, worm

Equipment: light stick, reel 20 line, lesser, the 30 lbs

As you can see, the freshwater fishing in the Southeast has its best destinations in the State of Minas Gerais. So, if you’re planning a fishing in this region of the country, choose the State miner.

And if you have ever fished around here, tell us how was your experience!