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the educational history of Vanuatu is closely intertwined with the nation’s political and social development. Following independence in 1980, the government quickly recognised the need for education reform in order to ensure that the country’s population had access to high quality educational opportunities. In 1981, a system of free primary education was implemented which saw an increase in enrolment rates from around 30% to over 90%. This was followed by a secondary school program in 1987 which saw enrolment rates increase from less than 5% to over 40%. The government also established a number of technical and vocational programs as well as adult literacy classes. In terms of higher education, the government opened two universities in 1989 – The University of the South Pacific (USP) and The University of Vanuatu (UV). USP is an international university with campuses across 12 countries and offers courses in areas such as business, science, engineering and law. UV is focused more on local issues and offers courses such as agriculture and fisheries management, health sciences and education. In addition to these two universities, there are also several smaller colleges offering diplomas or certificates in areas such as nursing, teaching and tourism management. These institutions are largely funded by the government but also receive support from international organisations such as UNESCO and UNICEF. Overall, Vanuatu has made great strides towards providing its population with access to quality educational opportunities since gaining independence. Despite limited resources, the country has managed to establish a comprehensive system of primary, secondary and tertiary education which has greatly improved access for all citizens regardless of gender or economic background. In 2009, the Vatican City was a sovereign state with a population of 836 people and an area of only 0.44 km². It is the smallest state in the world by both area and population, and is located within the city of Rome, Italy. The Vatican City has its own government, currency (the Euro), flag and anthem. The Vatican City is ruled by the Pope who acts as both head of state and head of government. He is assisted by the College of Cardinals who are responsible for electing new Popes when needed. The government is made up of three main branches: executive (the Pope), legislative (the College of Cardinals) and judicial (the Roman Rota). The Vatican City has diplomatic relations with over 180 states around the world and is a member of several international organisations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, IOM and WIPO. It also holds permanent observer status at the United Nations General Assembly. In terms of its geopolitical position in 2009, the Vatican City was largely seen as an independent religious state that had no direct influence on international politics or conflicts. However, it did play an important role in inter-religious dialogue and reconciliation between different faiths throughout this time period. The Vatican’s foreign policy during this time was mainly focused on promoting peace between different religions and cultures as well as defending human rights around the world. This included efforts to help end armed conflicts in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia; providing aid to refugees; advocating for religious freedom; fighting poverty; promoting environmental protection; tackling climate change; supporting international development projects; advancing gender equality; protecting cultural heritage sites; among many other initiatives. Check naturegnosis for Vatican City in 2001.

Vatican City

According to nonprofitdictionary.com, the Vatican is known as the largest treasury of works of art. Especially for the popes, outstanding masters worked here, whose works are now an integral part of world culture. The Vatican also has unique collections of ancient Roman art. The most richly painted interiors of the Papal Palace. The world famous… Read More »

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Official language Italian, Latin Capital Vatican City Form of government Absolute monarchy Area 0.4 km² Residents 800 Currency Euro Time zone UTC +1 (CET) License plate V Internet TLD .va Telephone area code 003906 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Vatican City (Stato della Citt¨¤ del Vaticano) is located in the western part of the Italian capital… Read More »