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Salt Lake City, Utah

Introduction Salt Lake City, capital of the state of Utah, southeast of the Great Salt Lake, at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, with a population of 160,000. The city fulfills an important function as an administrative (seat of the federal government) and commercial center (mainly wholesale; annual Utah State Fair). In addition to manufacturing… Read More »

The Climate of Utah

The US state of Utah (UT) is located in the western part of the US. Geographically, Utah has three major areas: the Rocky Mountains in the northeast, the Great Basin in the west and the Colorado Plateau in the southeast. The basin and range topography in the west means that precipitation has relatively little chance… Read More »

Utah History Timeline

History of Utah Ancient peoples have lived in caves and mountains here for eons, many along the shores of Lake Bonneville. The remains of a major lake now include the(salty) Great Salt Lake and(freshwater)Utah Lake surrounded by the Bonneville Salt Flats. Utah is named after the Utah Indians, and that tribe, as well as the… Read More »