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According to collegesanduniversitiesinusa, the educational history of the United Kingdom has seen many changes since the 19th century. During this period, education became more widely available for all citizens and literacy rates increased significantly. The Elementary Education Act of 1870 made it compulsory for children aged 5-10 to attend school, and by the late 19th century most children were attending school at least part-time. In 1944, the Education Act established free education for all children in England and Wales up to the age of 15, while in Scotland a similar act was passed in 1945. This period saw an expansion of secondary education as well as increased access to higher education. In addition, the development of technical and vocational schools provided more opportunities for students seeking alternative forms of education. Since then, there have been further reforms to improve educational standards and access. In 1988, the National Curriculum was introduced in England which established a core set of subjects that all students were expected to study up until age 16. The curriculum was revised again in 2000 with an emphasis on personal development and practical skills such as IT literacy. Furthermore, tuition fees for higher education were introduced in 1998 which enabled universities to expand their student intake and provide more specialized courses. The geopolitics of the United Kingdom in 2009 saw a period of relative stability, with no major international conflicts or disputes. Despite this, the UK was still heavily involved in international affairs, particularly in the Middle East and Afghanistan where it had deployed troops as part of the war on terror. The UK was also a member of the European Union (EU) and had ratified the Lisbon Treaty earlier that year. This treaty provided for greater EU integration and allowed for more effective decision-making at an EU level. In addition to this, relations between the UK and its European neighbours were generally strong during this period. Domestically, there were several major events which shaped British politics during this time. The general election of 2010 saw a change of government from Labour to Conservative, with David Cameron becoming Prime Minister. This ushered in an era of austerity measures which included spending cuts and tax increases aimed at reducing the public deficit. Furthermore, Scotland held a referendum on independence from the UK in September 2014 which resulted in a majority voting against secession from Britain. Overall, 2009 was a period of relative calm for British geopolitics as it focused on domestic issues rather than engaging in international conflict or disputes. The UK’s involvement with its European neighbours remained strong while domestically it faced challenges such as austerity measures and Scottish independence. Check naturegnosis for United Kingdom in 2001.

Oxford, United Kingdom

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Northern Ireland Attractions

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