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First Impressions of United Arab Emirates

The mere fact that enormous financial resources are invested in the future in this region and improbable visions are realized and suddenly take shape is the best way to legitimize a visit to the United Arab Emirates (VAR). A new center of trade and finance is emerging and is attracting more and more of the… Read More »

Dubai Travel Guide

Located in the middle of the desert, Dubai is a city of superlatives. Dubai is a modern oasis in the middle of the wilderness. When moving around the city, one cannot avoid wondering if everything is true or just weaving. Skyscrapers stretching into the sky, luxury hotels, gourmet food and giant shopping malls form an… Read More »

United Arab Emirates Overview

Official language Arabic Capital Abu Dhabi (city) Form of government federal federation of seven emirates Area 80,000 km² Residents 4,000,000 Currency Dirham Time zone CET + 3, UTC + 4 License plate UAE Internet TLD .ae Telephone area code 00971 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a federal federation of seven sheikdoms, is… Read More »