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Check naturegnosis for Ukraine in 2001.

Ukraine Culture

TERRITORY: ENVIRONMENT Consisting for the most part of flat and fertile steppes, according to dentistrymyth, the Ukrainian territory is particularly suitable for extensive agriculture: 57.6% of the area is arable and cultivated, almost always by large collective farms working on thousands and thousands of hectares. Vast expanses of cereal crops, but also fields of sunflower,… Read More »

Ukraine Arts and Music

ART Starting from the century. Street. C. in Ukraine was enriched with notable artistic manifestations due both to the Scythians and to the contacts with the Greek colonies of the Black Sea (Tyras, Olbia, Chersonese, Pantikapaion, today Kerč), which gave life to the so-called Greek-Scythian art. Christian churches (VX century), of simple structure but very… Read More »

Ukraine Overview

Ukrajina Official language Ukrainian Capital Kiev Form of government Semi-presidential republic Area 603,700 km² Residents 47,620,000 Currency Hryvnia Time zone UTC +2 License plate UA Internet TLD .ua Telephone area code 00380 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe with an area of ​​603,700 km².Its territory is about twice the size… Read More »