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Check naturegnosis for Thailand in 2001.

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand attracts many tourists with its exotic. Amazing landscapes, snow-white beaches, lush greenery – all this is a paradise for your carefree vacation. This is one of the most popular exotic destinations for tourism. Amazing coral reefs, mysterious Buddhist temples, crocodile farms, vibrant nightlife – make the stay for tourists royal. Traditions are respected here.… Read More »

Thailand Wildlife and Economy

Animals and Plants Where did the woods go? In the middle of the last century, more than half of Thailand’s land area was still forest. These stocks have declined sharply, to only 20 percent in a few decades, and they continue to decline. These areas were cleared and often also settled in order to create… Read More »

Transportation in Bangkok Part II

Ships passing through the canal Khlong Saen Saeb is a canal whose name can be seen in several different versions, and this is one of the only canals on which long boats still pass. As late as the 1960s, Bangkok had many trafficked canals, but they were filled and replaced by highways. Today, the best… Read More »

Transportation in Bangkok Part I

In Bangkok you can walk in certain areas and there you can walk a lot if you want. However, moving from one area to another is difficult and often time consuming, and there is not much to see in Bangkok in one day. The best ways to travel longer distances are the subway, overground trains,… Read More »

Safety in Bangkok

Many first-time travelers to Thailand are concerned about many different things, and many are concerned with hygiene and safety. Food poisoning, various febrile illnesses like malaria and accidents scare travelers to Bangkok and the rest of Thailand. Many also recall the experiences of travelers twenty years ago, but Thailand has changed, tidied up, and modernized… Read More »

Thailand Overview

Official language Thai Capital Bangkok Form of government Constitutional monarchy Area 513.115 km² Residents 65.5 million Currency Baht Time zone UTC + 7, no daylight saving time License plate T Internet TLD .th Telephone area code 0066 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Kingdom of Thailand, which was called Siam until 1939, read in the center of… Read More »