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Check naturegnosis for Sri Lanka in 2001.

Travel to Sri Lanka

Customs and traditions The Sri Lankans are a wonderfully nice, kind-hearted and smiling people who receive tourists with warmth and big hospitable smiles. Although Sri Lankans are generally accustomed to many tourists, their shrines and customs are expected to be respected with humility and proper manners and dress. As in all places in Asia, certain… Read More »

Sri Lanka Wildlife and Economy

Animals and Plants Small country – great diversity! Due to the different climatic and landscape zones, the diversity of species in Sri Lanka is great. Animals that live in the rainforest are very different from those on the coast or in the mountains. There are 240 species of butterflies alone. But also the number of… Read More »

Sri Lanka Overview

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (officially Sinhalese Sri Lanka Prajathantrika Samajavadi Janarajaya) was called Ceylon until 1972 (after the main island of the state). The island nation is located in South Asia south of the Indian Peninsula in the Indian Ocean. In addition to the main island Ceylon, the state territory also includes… Read More »