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Zoos and Amusement Parks in Canary Islands, Spain

EXCURSIONS The Canary Islands offer a whole range of excursions for every taste: trips to the national parks of the archipelago, where you can see volcanoes, endemic flora and fauna, excursions to ancient cities with colonial architecture and archaeological complexes, reminiscent of the indigenous inhabitants of the islands – the Guanache tribes, and a wide… Read More »

Spain Breeding and Fishing

Although inferior to the wealth of other times (15th-16th centuries) and perhaps to the possibilities offered by the territory (just under 1/3 of this is made up of grazing areas), the Spanish livestock heritage appears to be quite well supplied, and does not unequal to the needs of agricultural life. In 1933 it included 802,800… Read More »

Spain Arts

Before outlining a profile of Spanish art of the 1980s and early 1990s, it is necessary to briefly reconsider the experiences gained in the previous decade that questioned the art of the 1960s, characterized by a provocative, radical and irreverent spirit. The art of the seventies is less prone to ruptures and experimentalisms: the return… Read More »

Spain Everyday Life

Typical Spain? What do you think there is something typically Spanish? What do you think of Spain? Perhaps you have already been to Spain on vacation? Especially popular with Germans as holiday destinations are Mallorca, the Canary Islands (for example Tenerife), Barcelona and Andalusia in the far south. Flamenco Many would see flamenco and bullfighting… Read More »

Visiting Marbella

In the south of Spain is the city of Marbella. The city is part of the Malaga province of Andalusia and has about 140,000 inhabitants. The city with its old town, promenades, designer shops and casinos plays an important role as a tourist resort on the Costa del sol, the Spanish sunny coast. Since the… Read More »

Spain Overview

Reino de España Official language Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician Capital Madrid Form of government Parliamentary monarchy Area 504.645 km² Residents 46,235,000 Currency Euro Time zone UTC + 1 CET, March to October: UTC + 2 CEST License plate E Internet TLD .it Telephone area code 0034 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Kingdom of Spain (Spanish España,… Read More »