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Check naturegnosis for Slovenia in 2001.

Travel to Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. In Austria or Germanythe city is also called Laibach. Where the name comes from, whether from Ljubljana, loved in German or aluviana from the Latin language, what the name of the river is, can no longer be clarified. Characteristic for Ljubljana is the diverse mix of art,Culture, Exuberance and… Read More »

Slovenia Overview

Republika Slovenija Official language Slovenian Capital Ljubljana Form of government Parliamentary democracy Area 20.152 km² Residents 2,000,000 Currency Euro Time zone CET License plate SLO Internet TLD .si Telephone area code 00386 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Republic of Slovenia (officially: Republika Slovenija) is located in southern Central Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It covers an… Read More »