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Check naturegnosis for Senegal in 2001.

Senegal Foods

What do people in Senegal eat? Millet, corn and rice are the staple foods in Senegal. Couscous is also popular. There is also fish. Chicken, beef and lamb are the main meats. Beans and tomatoes are just as common in Senegalese cuisine as peanuts. There are also cookies with peanuts. What is the national dish?… Read More »

Senegal Overview

Official language French Capital Dakar Form of government Presidential Republic Area 196.722 km² Residents 10,130,000 Currency CFA Franc BCEAO Time zone UTC License plate SN Internet TLD .sn Telephone area code 00221 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Republic of Senegal is located in the far west of Africa and, with an area of ​​196 722 km²,… Read More »