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Ust-Barguzin, Republic of Buryatia (Russia)

The village of Ust-Barguzin is located 270 km northeast of Ulan-Ude at the mouth of the Barguzin River. According to percomputer.com, Ust-Barguzin is the starting point for a trip to the Zabaikalsky National Park. You can get here by crossing in Ust-Barguzin to the right bank of the Barguzin River, and driving along the only… Read More »

Russia Trade and Service

Trade and service enterprises actively developed in the 1990s. At the beginning of 2002, more than 1 million workers were employed in this industry, and the annual turnover of retail trade enterprises amounted to 3,719 billion rubles. in current prices, having exceeded the level of 1990 in comparable prices by 14.5%. Throughout the 1990s. more… Read More »

Russia Economic Conditions in the Early 1990’s

The Russian economic system underwent a tumultuous evolution in the 1990s, with contradictory aspects: on the one hand, a process of liberalization, privatization and rationalization of the production structures was decisively initiated; on the other hand, profoundly negative phenomena have occurred, shown both by the bad trend of macroeconomic indicators and by the spread of… Read More »

Russia Public Law

The division of society into two classes dates back to the earliest period in Russian history: the free population and the free population. At first only in fact but then, increasingly also of law, the free population differs: the boyars (nobles), citizens (goro ž ri) and farmers (commonly called smerdy or is ern ‘and, from… Read More »

USSR vs Russia

Ethnic-territorial disputes with other former Soviet states. -Among the many ethnic-based territorial disputes which, previously latent, exploded immediately after the dissolution of the USSR, some, although not the most serious, directly and specifically concern Russia. First of all, there is a recurring dispute between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea. This peninsula (27,000 km 2and 2.5 million residents),… Read More »

Russia Wildlife and Economy

Animals and Plants What is growing in Russia? As big as Russia is and as much as the landscapes and the climate differ, so are the animals that live here and the plants that grow. Tundra and taiga are the most important landscapes in the country. In the tundra, where the ground is frozen most… Read More »

Russia Overview

Rossiskaya Federazija Official language Russian Capital Moscow Form of government Presidential Democracy Area 17,075,300 km² Residents 145,180,000 Currency ruble Time zone CET +1 to +11 License plate RUS Internet TLD .ru,.su Telephone area code 007 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Russia (Russian Rossija, officially Rossiskaja Federazija – Russian Federation) is the largest country in the world with… Read More »