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According to collegesanduniversitiesinusa, Qatar has a long and rich educational history, dating back to the 19th century when the country was still under Ottoman rule. During this time, primary education was provided in traditional Quranic schools and limited higher education was available at the University of Istanbul. The first modern school was established in Doha in 1929, and since then Qatar has made significant progress in terms of educational development. In the 1950s and 60s, Qatar began to invest heavily in its educational sector, establishing primary schools and secondary schools throughout the country. In 1975, Qatar opened its first university – Qatar University – which quickly became one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the Middle East. In 1995, Qatar launched its Education for a New Era (QENA) program which sought to modernize and improve its educational system. This included introducing new curricula based on international standards as well as increasing access to higher education through scholarships and other initiatives. Over the last two decades, Qatar has continued to invest heavily in its education system with a focus on providing quality services for all students regardless of socio-economic backgrounds or gender. This investment has resulted in a significant increase in enrolment rates at both primary and secondary levels as well as a rise in tertiary enrolment rates from 5% in 2000 to 22% by 2014. Additionally, Qatar has introduced various measures such as quality assurance programs and accreditation systems to ensure that its educational institutions are providing high-quality education to their students. In 2009, Qatar was a small country with a population of 1.7 million people, but it had become an increasingly important player in the Middle East geopolitics. Its strategic location on the Arabian Peninsula made it a key player in regional affairs, and its vast natural gas reserves meant that it had become one of the most wealthy countries in the region. Qatar’s foreign policy was focused on maintaining strong relations with its neighbors as well as developing ties with other countries around the world. As part of this strategy, Qatar sought to build strong alliances with both Sunni and Shi’a states in order to promote regional stability and counterbalance Iran’s influence in the region. In particular, Qatar maintained close ties with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain while also developing relationships with other countries such as Turkey and Egypt. Qatar was also eager to engage in international diplomacy by hosting high profile summits between world leaders such as the Arab League Summit of 2009 and US-Islamic World Forum held in Doha that same year. Additionally, Qatar sought to use its wealth to promote economic development through investments abroad such as its purchase of London’s famous Harrods department store in 2010. At home, Qatar continued to work towards social progress by providing free education for all citizens up until grade 12 and expanding access to healthcare services throughout the country. Furthermore, Qatar launched several initiatives aimed at promoting cultural diversity including hosting international sporting events such as the Asian Games 2006 and FIFA World Cup 2022. Overall, Qatar’s geopolitical position had allowed it to become a major regional power by 2009 despite its small size and population. By actively engaging in international diplomacy while promoting social progress at home, Qatar had managed to maintain strong relationships with both its neighbors and other countries around the world while also positioning itself for further economic growth through investments abroad. Check militarynous for Qatar Military.

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Daulat al-Qatar Official language Arabic Capital Doha Form of government traditional hereditary monarchy Area 11.437 km² Residents 800,000 Currency Qatarial Time zone UTC + 3 License plate Q Internet TLD .qa Telephone area code 00974 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Qatar (English Qatar, officially Arabic Daulat al-Qatar) forms a peninsula that extends into the Persian Gulf. The… Read More »