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Travel to Poland

Green hills, a present history and medieval towns with a trendy undertone will meet you on your way through Poland. Kraków attracts with an architecture that alternates between Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau – as well as a highly vibrant cultural life. Outside the cities, the hiking trails are waiting to lead you through dense… Read More »

Warsaw Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Warsaw Be assured that there are plenty of attractions and sights for you as a tourist in Warsaw. Admittedly, all buildings are replicas of the originals, but the Old Town is still a delight to the eye. And the monuments and museums about the atrocities of the world wars are so thought-provoking and… Read More »

Poland Overview

Rzeczpospolita Polska Official language Polish Capital Warsaw Form of government Presidential Republic Area 312.684 km² Residents 38,610,000 Currency Zloty Time zone UTC + 1 License plate PL Internet TLD .pl Telephone area code 0048 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Republic in Eastern Central Europe on the Baltic Sea between Germany in the west and Belarus / Ukraine… Read More »