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Poland Figurative Arts

After the First World War, the Polish contribution to contemporary art was notable. The «Formismo» group (Krakow, 1917-22), partly influenced by Futurism and Cubism, reacted to the Viennese ‘Secession’; followed by the groups Rytm (1921) and Blok (1924, M. Szczuka, W. Strzemiński, H. Stażewski, H. Berlewi, K. Kobro), continued by the Prezens group and that of the young people… Read More »

Travel to Poland

Green hills, a present history and medieval towns with a trendy undertone will meet you on your way through Poland. Kraków attracts with an architecture that alternates between Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau – as well as a highly vibrant cultural life. Outside the cities, the hiking trails are waiting to lead you through dense… Read More »

Warsaw Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Warsaw Be assured that there are plenty of attractions and sights for you as a tourist in Warsaw. Admittedly, all buildings are replicas of the originals, but the Old Town is still a delight to the eye. And the monuments and museums about the atrocities of the world wars are so thought-provoking and… Read More »

Poland Overview

Rzeczpospolita Polska Official language Polish Capital Warsaw Form of government Presidential Republic Area 312.684 km² Residents 38,610,000 Currency Zloty Time zone UTC + 1 License plate PL Internet TLD .pl Telephone area code 0048 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Republic in Eastern Central Europe on the Baltic Sea between Germany in the west and Belarus / Ukraine… Read More »