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Geography of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

Geography of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania Lebanon County, nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, is characterized by its diverse geography, rolling hills, and winding waterways. The county’s landscape, shaped by geological processes and the flow of ancient rivers, plays a significant role in its climate, ecosystems, and human activities. Location and Borders Lebanon County is located… Read More »

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Introduction Philadelphia, city in the United States of America, in the state of Pennsylvania, at the mouth of the Schuylkill in the Delaware, with 1.5 million inhabitants. (agglom.: approx. 5.9 million inhabitants). Philadelphia is one of the largest five cities in the country by population and is a major industrial, commercial, service and cultural center… Read More »

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Introduction Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania city at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela to the Ohio, with 370,000 inhabitants. (agglom.: approx. 2.2 million inhabitants) Functions Pittsburgh, the second largest city in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia, has historically been an important industrial city (petroleum industry since 1859; steel industry since 1875). In addition, glass, aluminum, foodstuffs and electronic… Read More »

The Climate of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania (PA) is a state in the northeastern United States. It borders Lake Erie to the northwest, which forms the natural border with Canada. To the east, the Delaware River forms the natural boundary between Pennsylvania and the states of New York and New Jersey. Much of the Pennsylvania landscape is dominated by the Appalachians,… Read More »

Pennsylvania History Timeline

Pennsylvania History This beautiful ancestral homeland of the Delaware, Iroquois, Shawanee and Susquehannock Indians changed irrevocably in the early 17th century. Although initially claimed by the British as part of the Virginia Colony , the Dutch and Swedes established small trading posts along the Delaware River and both clashed for control. The Swedes built the… Read More »