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Nigeria Market Opportunities

Covid-19 hit Nigeria about a month behind Europe. However, the Nigerian economy has already been affected by the drop in world oil prices as a result of the OPEC+ talks in March. The pandemic has forced Nigerian authorities to make unplanned spending and economic policy changes, but these will be limited by soaring inflation and… Read More »

Economy and Education of Nigeria

Economy The manufacturing industry is based on the principle of import substitution and is mainly limited to the production of consumer goods. Taking into account the high import component in raw materials and semi-finished products (about 60%), in the last two decades, the capacities of manufacturing enterprises have been used by 25-30%. These include car… Read More »

Nigeria Everyday Life

Families are big in Nigeria. Each woman has an average of more than five children (5.4). That is why there are many more children and young people than here. Half of the population is under 18 years old. Life takes place outside, especially in the country. There is usually cooked on an open fireplace. The… Read More »

Nigeria Overview

Federal Republic of Nigeria Official language English Capital Abuja Form of government Presidential Republic Area 923.768 km² Residents 129,000,000 Currency Naira Time zone UTC +1 License plate NGR Internet TLD .ng Telephone area code 00234 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Nigeria has an area of ​​923,768 km2 and is located on the west coast of Africa. It… Read More »