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The state of New Mexico is located in the southern United States and is part of the Mountain States and the Greater West Region. In addition, New Mexico has an external border with the Mexican states of Sonora and Chihuahua. The capital of New Mexico is Santa Fe with around 84,000 inhabitants. The state's largest city is Albuquerque, with a population of 559,000. Albuquerque is the filming location and center of action in the series Breaking Bad. New Mexico is crossed by the Rio Grande. It is the third longest river in the United States. The tallest mountain in the state of New Mexico is Wheeler Peak at 4,011 meters. In New Mexico is the White Sands Missile Range test site, where the first nuclear weapons test was carried out. Also in New Mexico is Los Alamos, home to the lab where the Manhattan Project invented the atomic bomb, so to speak. Mysterious Roswell is also in the state of New Mexico. A UFO is said to have crashed there in 1947. Check Ask4Beauty for more information about the state of New Mexico.

The Climate of New Mexico

According to Abbreviation Finder, New Mexico (NM) is one of the United States of America. The state is located in the southern US and borders the country of Mexico and the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. Whoever visits the official site of the state of New Mexico will undoubtedly be confronted with… Read More »

New Mexico History Timeline

The American Indians built amazing cliff dwellings in New Mexico centuries before the first Europeans arrived in the Americas, and the structural remnants of those cultures are spread across the state for all to see. In 1536 the Spaniards reached this undiscovered land, and in 1540, V? squez de Coronado led an expedition north from… Read More »