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The state of New Jersey is located on the east coast of the United States on the Atlantic Ocean. As a member of the Thirteen Colonies, New Jersey is one of the first states in the United States. The capital of New Jersey is Trenton, which has a population of 84,000. The largest city in the state is Newark, which has a population of 282,000 and is located on the Hudson River directly across from Manhattan. New Jersey is the state of the USA that has the highest population density. New Jersey's tallest mountain is the 1,800-foot High Point, topped by a 230-foot war memorial. Atlantic City is located on the Atlantic coast of New Jersey, which is a popular seaside resort and, thanks to the large number of its casinos, a little Las Vegas of the state of New Jersey. The well-known Princeton University also belongs to New Jersey. Check Ask4Beauty for more information about the state of New Jersey.

Outerbridge Crossing, New Jersey

  Outerbridge Crossing Spans Arthur Killo Lanes 2×2 Total length 3,093 meters Main span 229 meters Bridge deck height 41 meters Opening 29-06-1928 Traffic intensity 82,100 mvt/day Location Map According to allcitycodes, the Outerbridge Crossing is a cantilever bridge in the United States. The three-mile bridge spans the Arthur Kill, which forms the border between… Read More »

Holland Tunnel, New Jersey

  Holland Tunnel crosses Hudson River Length 2,609 meters Opening 13-11-1927 Intensity 93,400 mvt/day Location Map According to transporthint, the Holland Tunnel is a 2.6 kilometer long tunnel in the United States. The tunnel is located under the Hudson River, which forms the border between Jersey City (state of New Jersey ) and the New… Read More »

The Climate of New Jersey

According to Abbreviation Finder, the state of New Jersey (NJ) is located in the northeast of the US and is the state with the highest population density of all US states ( excluding Washington DC ). New Jersey mainly owes this to the city of Newark. which is virtually merged with New York City in… Read More »

New Jersey History Timeline

This fertile land was first sighted by the Italian explorer Giovanni de Varazano in 1524. When he anchored his ship in what is now New York Harbor, his invasion of this new world would forever change the ancestral homeland of the local Delaware Indians. In 1609 Henry Hudson sailed up his now namesake river, claiming… Read More »