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Mongolia Everyday Life

What is a yurt? The yurt is the traditional tent used by shepherds in West and Central Asia. Not only in Mongolia, but also in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, people live in yurts. The yurt consists of a wooden frame. It’s always round and looks a bit like a little big top. The wooden frame is… Read More »

Mongolia Wildlife and Economy

Animals and Plants Biodiversity in Mongolia You can discover over 130 species of mammals, over 430 bird species, 75 fish species, thousands of different plants and unfortunately more than 100 endangered plants in Mongolia. 10 percent of the country is covered with forest. These are mostly coniferous forests with spruce, larch, fir or pine. Steppes… Read More »

Mongolia Overview

Monggol Ulus Official language Mongolian Capital Ulan Bator Form of government parliamentary constitution with multi-party system Area 1,566,500 km² Residents 2,790,000 Currency Togrog Time zone UTC + 7, UTC + 8 License plate MGL Internet TLD .mn Telephone area code 00976 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Mongolia (officially: Monggol Ulus) is located in Central Asia and extends… Read More »