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Resorts in Mexico

Holbox Island A beautiful, ecologically clean island is ideal for lovers of secluded relaxation in the bosom of nature. The island is separated from the mainland by the Yalau Lagoon, characterized by shallow waters and crystal clear waters. Here you can meet a colony of graceful flamingos, sea turtles and dolphins. Great place for diving,… Read More »

Mexico Defense and Security

A country at peace with its neighbors, with whom it has no serious disputes, Mexico maintains a low level of defense spending. The integration with the U knows by means of the N disease has, inter alia, enhanced security, enabling it to maintain the resources dedicated to the defense of the frontiers almost stable. The… Read More »

Mexico Overview

Estados Unidos Mexicanos Official language Spanish Capital Mexico City Form of government presidential Federal Republic Area 1,959,000 km² Residents 106,210,000 Currency peso Time zone UTC -6 to -8 License Plate MEX Internet TLD .mx Telephone area code 0052 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Republic in southern North and northern Central America with a long northern border to… Read More »