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According to collegesanduniversitiesinusa, the Maldives has a long and rich history of education that dates back to the early 17th century. During this period, the country was divided into several sultanates, each of which had its own educational system. The primary form of education during this period was the Islamic madrasa system, which focused on religious studies and Arabic language. In the late 19th century, the British colonial government established several schools in the Maldives to provide basic education to local children. These schools taught a curriculum based on English as well as religious studies and Islamic law. After independence in 1965, the government introduced universal free education for all citizens. This was followed by a series of reforms in the 1970s and 1980s that aimed at improving educational outcomes and increasing access to quality education for all students. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects as well as an emphasis on vocational training and skills development. The government has also implemented numerous initiatives such as free textbooks for primary school students to improve educational outcomes across all levels. Overall, Maldives has made significant progress in terms of expanding access to quality education for its citizens since independence in 1965 and continues to invest heavily in its educational system today. Maldives is an archipelagic nation situated in the Indian Ocean, consisting of 1190 islands. In 2009, it had a population of around 330,000 people and was a multiparty democracy with a unicameral legislature. The country was ruled by President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom since 1978 and had a booming tourist industry that was the primary source of income for the nation. The economy of Maldives in 2009 was largely dependent on tourism, fishing and remittances from abroad. The country had recently experienced rapid economic growth due to increased investment in tourism and infrastructure development projects. GDP per capita in 2009 was estimated to be around US$4,890 which placed Maldives among the upper middle-income countries. In terms of social welfare, Maldives had made significant progress since independence in 1965. Infant mortality rate had decreased significantly over the years while life expectancy at birth rose to 74 years in 2009. The country also made progress on gender equality with more women entering politics and the workforce than ever before. On the international scene, Maldives was playing an increasingly important role through its membership in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). The country was also actively engaged in various multilateral organizations such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. Overall, Malaysia was a stable and prosperous nation in 2009 that was making progress on numerous fronts including economic development, social welfare and international relations. Check militarynous for Maldives Military.

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The Maldives is a small island nation located in the Indian Ocean, comprising of 26 atolls and more than 1,000 islands. The country is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning beaches and clear blue waters. It has a population of around 500,000 people and its official language is Dhivehi. The Maldivian society is… Read More »

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Useful palm! The coconut palm is used in a variety of ways: The meat of the coconut is eaten, the milk is drunk and even the buds can be processed and then make a delicious vegetable. The rest of the nut is also processed and the wood is used for building ships and houses. Incidentally,… Read More »

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Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa Official language Dhivehi Capital Times Form of government presidential republic of the commonwealth Area 298 km² Residents 350,000 Currency Rufiyaa Time zone UTC + 5h License plate MV Internet TLD .mv Telephone area code 00960 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Maldives, a chain of 19 island groups, lie southwest of India and Sri Lanka… Read More »