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The state of Maine is located at the extreme Northwestern point of the United States and only the areas of Alaska in the eastern hemisphere are further east. Maine shares an external border with the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick. The capital of Maine is Augusta with a population of around 19,000. The largest city in the state is Portland with a population of around 66,000. So there is no major city in the state of Maine. The climate in Maine is cool and temperate. The highest mountain in the state is Mount Katahdin at 1,606 meters. Maine has one national park, Acadia National Park. It lies largely on Mount Desert Island and is known for its rugged wild rocky coastline. Maine is the only US state that is officially bilingual. In addition to English, French is also spoken. Check Ask4Beauty for more information about the state of Maine.

The Climate of Maine

According to Abbreviation Finder, the US state of Maine (ME) is the most northeastern state of the US. Maine has a moderate continental climate. Within the Köppen-Geiger climate classification, this climate type is indicated by the letters Dfb. The summer months in Maine are humid and warm, the winters are mostly cool and see plenty… Read More »

Maine History Timeline

Will Rogers once quipped, “Have you ever seen a place that looks like it was built just to enjoy? Well, this whole Maine is looking that way towards me.” In fact, Maine’s stunning landscape is a by-product of the last Ice Age, as a massive glacier cut the straight coastline into hundreds of bays, inlets… Read More »