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Libya Archaeology

Since the late seventies there have been numerous archaeological discoveries, many due to regular excavations, many due to the great development that the country has experienced in every region and in every sector. Numerous museums have also been created: one, imposing, inside the Tripoli Castle, has taken the place of the previous archaeological museum arranged… Read More »

Libya Culture and Literature

CULTURE According to getzipcodes, Libya perfectly represents the meeting point between the Sahara and the Mediterranean: along its coasts there are extraordinary Greek and Roman cities and the remains of ancient Byzantine splendors; in the interior, however, the desert occupies 90% of the entire territory. In theory, in Libyan society, women have the same rights… Read More »

Libya History and Culture

HISTORY: FROM ARAB EXPANSION TO ITALIAN COLONIZATION Until modern times, the regions that form the Libyan state today have not formed a solid political unity. In 642 the overwhelming Arab expansion reached the territory of present-day Libya overwhelming any resistance of the Berbers, who converted to Islam, adhering, however, to the Khārigite heresy by contrast… Read More »

Leptis Magna Ruins (World Heritage)

The birthplace of the Roman emperor Septimius Severus is one of the most beautiful and best preserved North African ruined cities of the Roman Empire with magnificent buildings, villas, baths, temples, two forums, a boulevard with marble columns, a basilica and a triumphal arch. The trading town, which dates back to Phoenician origins, lost its… Read More »

Libya Overview

Official language Arabic Capital Tripoli Form of government Grassroots democratic state Area 1,769,540 km² Residents 5,680,000 Currency Libyan dinar Time zone UTC +1 License plate LAR Internet TLD .ly Telephone area code 00218 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Libya (officially “Great Socialist Libyan Arab Jamahirija”) is located in North Africa and, with an area of ​​1,769,540 km²,… Read More »