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According to collegesanduniversitiesinusa, Liberia has a long and complex educational history. Prior to the formation of the Liberian nation in 1847, education was largely provided by missionaries and informal schooling. In the 19th century, formal education was established with the founding of several universities and schools. These early institutions focused on training students in practical skills such as agriculture, engineering, and business. Liberia also saw significant progress in higher education during this period with the establishment of Cuttington University College in 1889. This institution would later become one of the most prestigious universities in Africa. In the 20th century, Liberia continued to make strides in its educational system with investments made into primary and secondary schools. The country’s literacy rate rose from approximately 20% in 1965 to over 50% by 2002 due to these investments. Additionally, several new universities were created including the University of Liberia, which is now one of Africa’s largest public universities. Over recent years, there have been efforts to improve access to quality education for all Liberians regardless of their socio-economic status or geographic location. These initiatives include providing free primary school tuition for all children aged 6-15 as well as free textbooks for students aged 6-18 attending public schools across Liberia. In 2009, Liberia was in a period of transition following the end of the Second Liberian Civil War in 2003. The war had devastated the country, leaving it with a weak economy and a fragile political system. In 2006, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected as President of Liberia and began to lead the country towards stability and economic growth. In 2009, Liberia maintained diplomatic relations with several countries including the United States, France, China, and Germany. It also enjoyed strong ties with other African nations such as Nigeria and Ghana. In addition to its diplomatic efforts, Liberia had begun to engage in economic development initiatives such as trade agreements with neighboring countries and foreign investment incentives for businesses looking to establish operations within its borders. The Liberian government continued to focus on rebuilding infrastructure damaged by the war while also tackling issues such as poverty reduction, health care access, education reform, and human rights protection. This was done through various programs such as free primary school tuition for all children aged 6-15 and free textbooks for students aged 6-18 attending public schools across Liberia. In 2009, Liberia continued to face many challenges which included corruption within government institutions as well as limited access to basic services such as electricity and clean water for many citizens living in rural areas of the country. Despite these challenges, there were signs of progress being made towards achieving peace and prosperity throughout Liberia in 2009. Check mathgeneral for Liberia in 2017.

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Liberia, officially English Republic of Liberia [r ɪ p ʌ bl ɪ k əv la ɪ b ɪ əriə], German Republic, Liberia country in West Africa, with (2019) 4.9 million residents; The capital is Monrovia. Location Liberia borders the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest, Sierra Leone in the northwest, Guinea in the north, and the… Read More »

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Little known are the prehistory and protohistory of the territory of present-day Liberia; the population itself has significant gaps from a historical point of view: immigration of people coming from the foothills of Fouta-Djalon must have superimposed on the aboriginal ethnic groups, starting above all from the century. XVI. As for contacts with the outside… Read More »

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POPULATION It is believed that the first residents of Liberia, paleonegritics devoted essentially to hunting and fishing, settled in the plateau towards the end of the Neolithic; they were then pushed to the most unhealthy coastal areas by the Sudanese populations, farmers, who came down from the northern savannahs. Liberia was among the African lands… Read More »

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Republic of Liberia Official language English Capital Monrovia Form of government Presidential Republic Area 111.370 km² Residents 3,480,000 Currency Liberian dollar Time zone UTC License plate LB Internet TLD .lr Telephone area code 00231 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Liberia is located in the tropical part of West Africa and is the oldest republic on the continent.… Read More »