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The state of Kentucky is located in the central west of the USA, but is counted as part of the Greater Southern States region. Its capital is Frankfort. With around 26,000 residents, however, Frankfort is by no means the largest city in Kentucky. By far the largest city in the state is Louisville with around 616,000 inhabitants. Mammoth Cave National Park is located in the state of Kentucky. In this national park lies the Mammoth Cave. At 663 kilometers it is the largest known cave in the world. The highest mountain in the state of Kentucky is the Black Mountain at 1,263 meters. The Black Mountain is located in a coal mining area. After protests against the mining of coal in the area of ​​the mountain, the state of Kentucky bought the mining rights to prevent the summit from collapsing. Check Ask4Beauty for more information about the state of Kentucky.

The Climate of Kentucky

According to Abbreviation Finder, Kentucky (KY) is a state in the southeastern United States. Kentucky is one of the four states that make up a so-called Commonwealth (along with Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia). Kentucky has a fairly wide variety of landscapes. For example, much of eastern Kentucky belongs to the Appalachians, a mountain range that… Read More »

Kentucky History Timeline

The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home, ‘It’s summer, the people are gay; grain top ready and meadow in flower while the birds make music all day. Lyrics and music from “My Old Kentucky Home”, by Stephen Foster.In the mid-1700s, the French, Spanish, and English began to explore this land of green hills,… Read More »