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Ivory Coast Culture and History

CULTURE: ART According to cancermatters, the Ivory Coast is very important in the entire historical-artistic panorama of Africa, as in it, with the abstractionist styles of the Senufo of the North, with the stately Guinean art of the Baulé and Anyi and with the masks of the Man group, the main artistic currents of the… Read More »

Ivory Coast Overview

Official language French Capital Yamoussoukro Form of government presidential republic with multi-party system Area 322.450 km² Residents 17,300,000 Currency CFA Franc BCEAO Time zone UTC License plate CI Internet TLD .ci Telephone area code 00225 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The R¨¦publique Côte d’Ivoire – also the official state name – is located in western Africa. At… Read More »