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Italy Economic Sectors

Agriculture Agriculture is still very important; it generates (2016) 2.1% of GDP. The regional differences are clearly evident in the number of employees (Northern and Central Italy: around 3%, Mezzogiorno: over 9%; Italy as a whole: 3.8%). About 13.2 million hectares, that is 43.8% of the country’s area, are used for agriculture; 51.1% of this… Read More »

Italy Overview

Repubblica Italiana Official language Italian Regional official languages: German, French, Ladin, Slovenian Capital Rome Form of government Parliamentary republic Area 301.230 km² Residents 57,890,000 Currency Euro Time zone UTC + 1 CETUTC + 2 CEST (March to October) License plate I. Internet TLD .it Telephone area code 0039 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The central European northern… Read More »