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Vatican City

According to nonprofitdictionary.com, the Vatican is known as the largest treasury of works of art. Especially for the popes, outstanding masters worked here, whose works are now an integral part of world culture. The Vatican also has unique collections of ancient Roman art. The most richly painted interiors of the Papal Palace. The world famous… Read More »

Italy Population 2011

At the last census (2011), the resident population was 59,433,744, reaching the figure of 60,782,668 in 2014. (ISTAT data) and reiterating a slowdown in growth that is now more than twenty years old. The coastal and flat areas are confirmed as those with the highest concentration and, in general, the Italy it is still one… Read More »

Italy Economic Sectors

Agriculture Agriculture is still very important; it generates (2016) 2.1% of GDP. The regional differences are clearly evident in the number of employees (Northern and Central Italy: around 3%, Mezzogiorno: over 9%; Italy as a whole: 3.8%). About 13.2 million hectares, that is 43.8% of the country’s area, are used for agriculture; 51.1% of this… Read More »

Italy Overview

Repubblica Italiana Official language Italian Regional official languages: German, French, Ladin, Slovenian Capital Rome Form of government Parliamentary republic Area 301.230 km² Residents 57,890,000 Currency Euro Time zone UTC + 1 CETUTC + 2 CEST (March to October) License plate I. Internet TLD .it Telephone area code 0039 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The central European northern… Read More »