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Israel History: The Second Intifada

Sharon’s demonstrative visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on September 28, 2000, accompanied by 1,000 police officers, triggered serious and long-lasting Palestinian unrest (“Al-Aksa” or “second intifada”). On December 10, 2000, E. Barak submitted his resignation to force new elections for the office of Prime Minister. At the end of 2000 / beginning of 2001, however,… Read More »

Israel Overview

Medinat Jisra’el Official language Modern Hebrew, Arabic Capital Jerusalem Form of government Parliamentary republic Area 20,700 km² Residents 6.28 million Currency New Israeli Shekel Time zone UTC +2 (summer time: UTC +3) License plate IL Internet TLD .il Telephone area code 00972 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The state of Israel (Hebrew: Medinat Jisrael) is located in… Read More »