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According to collegesanduniversitiesinusa, Indonesia has a long and varied history of education. The country has a diverse range of cultural influences, which have shaped the development of its educational system. Education in Indonesia dates back to the 15th century when the first Islamic schools were established in the region. These early schools were focused on teaching Islamic theology and Arabic language, as well as providing religious instruction to the local population. In the 19th century, Dutch colonialists introduced a variety of western-style education institutions to Indonesia. This included schools for both children and adults, as well as universities and other higher educational institutions. During this time period, education was primarily focused on teaching students European languages such as Dutch, French, and English. In 1945 Indonesia gained independence from Dutch colonial rule and began a process of reform in its educational system. This included introducing compulsory primary education for all children aged 6-12 years old in 1948; expanding secondary education; establishing universities; and creating vocational training programs to meet the demands of industry. Today, Indonesia has one of the largest educational systems in Southeast Asia with over 500 universities offering a wide range of courses across multiple disciplines. The country also boasts an impressive number of research institutes which are dedicated to researching new technologies and advancing science in Indonesia. In addition, there are numerous vocational training centers that provide specialized skills for those looking to join specific industries or professions. In 2009, Indonesia was a major player on the global stage. It had become one of the leading emerging economies of the world, and its ties with major world powers such as China and the United States were becoming increasingly important. The country was also becoming an influential actor in regional politics, particularly in Southeast Asia. In 2009, Indonesia was led by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono who had been elected to a second term in 2004. During his tenure, President Yudhoyono focused on economic reform and improving relations with foreign countries. He also sought to strengthen Indonesia’s role as a regional leader by increasing its involvement in various international organizations such as ASEAN and APEC. Indonesia also sought to improve its relationship with the United States during this period. In 2009, the two countries signed a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement which focused on increasing cooperation in areas such as trade, energy security, counterterrorism, defense and security issues. At the same time, Indonesia continued to pursue a policy of constructive engagement with China. The two countries had established diplomatic relations in 1990 and since then had worked together on various issues such as trade and investment promotion; joint infrastructure projects; environmental protection; maritime security; and counterterrorism efforts. Overall, Indonesia’s geopolitics in 2009 reflected its commitment to becoming an important player both regionally and globally. Its focus on economic reform, improved ties with foreign powers such as China and the United States, and increased involvement in international organizations demonstrated its desire to become an influential actor on the world stage. Check mathgeneral for Indonesia in 2017.

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EASTERN INDONESIA. – New state, founded, according to the directives of the Malino conference, on December 24, 1946 in Den Pasar (Bali). It includes the island of Celebes, the small Sunda islands and all the other islands of the Dutch Indies east of Borneo and Java and west of New Guinea. It consists of the… Read More »

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Republic of Indonesia Official language Indonesian Capital Jakarta Form of government Presidential Republic Area 1,927,597 km² Residents 241,970,000 Currency Rupiah Time zone UTC + 7 to UTC + 9 License plate RI Internet TLD .id Telephone area code 0062 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Republic of Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia and consists of over… Read More »