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The state of Indiana is also assigned to the Midwest region of the USA. It is just east of Illinois and also shares the shore of Lake Michigan to the north. The capital of Indiana is Indianapolis, which has a population of around 855,000. The state's name derives from the Native Americans, the Indians. Almost everywhere on the territory of the states of today's USA they were expelled, murdered and oppressed by the European settlers under the euphemistic term Indian wars. Here, for example, you can learn more about it. The highest point in the state of Indiana is Hoosier Hill, which is 383 meters high. Check Ask4Beauty for more information about the state of Indiana.

The Climate of Indiana

According to Abbreviation Finder, Indiana (IN) is a state in the northern United States of America. Indiana is best known among car enthusiasts for the ‘Indianapolis 500 miles race’, which is often abbreviated to Indy 500. This race, which is held every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day, is one of the most famous… Read More »

Indiana History Timeline

An advanced mound-building culture (Mississippians) flourished in this area of ​​North America from AD 800 to the mid-15th century. As a result of the mid-17th century French and Iroquoian wars in New France, much of North America, many indigenous Indian tribes were forced further west into the central Great Lakes region just to survive. Miami… Read More »