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History of India

CIVILIZATION OF THE INDA VALLEY, middle of the 3rd millennium – XVII-XVI centuries. BC This civilization is also known as the Harappan culture, during this period trade relations developed, cities were built with a clear layout of streets, a sewage system appeared, art arose, and the foundation was laid for those religions that dominate India… Read More »

India Recent Archaeological Excavations

Prehistory. – The results obtained twenty-five years ago by H. De Terra with a classification of the Pleistocene cultures of India, have had in recent years a control through various stratigraphic excavations. De Terra was able to establish, with regard to the Panjab, that two lithic cultures coexist with divergent characters, the abbevillio-Acheulean one of… Read More »

India Overview

Official language Hindi and English Capital Delhi Form of government Parliamentary federal republic Area 3,287,590 km² Residents 1.1 billion Currency Indian rupee Time zone UTC + 5:30 = CET + 4:30 License plate IND Internet TLD .in Telephone area code 0091 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography With a land area of ​​around 3,287,590 km², India is the… Read More »