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Mumbai, India

Mumbai, which the locals stubbornly continue to call Bombay, is the “Indian Manhattan”, firmly merged with Indian Hollywood (Bollywood), where more films are produced annually than in any other city in the world. Initially, Mumbai was a conglomeration of 7 islands, which eventually united and turned into the largest city in India, which consists of… Read More »

Shopping and Eating in India

The shops Shops are open on weekdays from 09.00 (10.00) to 17.00, in tourist centers until late at night. Shops in high-level hotels sell really high-quality goods. India is a true shopper’s paradise. With the existing cheapness in India, it is possible and necessary to bargain – this will allow you to purchase goods at… Read More »

History of India

CIVILIZATION OF THE INDA VALLEY, middle of the 3rd millennium – XVII-XVI centuries. BC This civilization is also known as the Harappan culture, during this period trade relations developed, cities were built with a clear layout of streets, a sewage system appeared, art arose, and the foundation was laid for those religions that dominate India… Read More »

India Recent Archaeological Excavations

Prehistory. – The results obtained twenty-five years ago by H. De Terra with a classification of the Pleistocene cultures of India, have had in recent years a control through various stratigraphic excavations. De Terra was able to establish, with regard to the Panjab, that two lithic cultures coexist with divergent characters, the abbevillio-Acheulean one of… Read More »

India Overview

Official language Hindi and English Capital Delhi Form of government Parliamentary federal republic Area 3,287,590 km² Residents 1.1 billion Currency Indian rupee Time zone UTC + 5:30 = CET + 4:30 License plate IND Internet TLD .in Telephone area code 0091 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography With a land area of ​​around 3,287,590 km², India is the… Read More »