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According to simplyyellowpages, the state of Idaho is located in the Northwest of the USA and has an external border with the Canadian province of British Columbia in the north. The capital of Idaho is Boise with around 223,000 inhabitants. Much of Idaho’s landscape is relatively untouched and mountainous. From a political point of view, the state is considered to be rather conservative and has been firmly in Republican hands for several decades. To the west, bordering Washington, lies the deepest canyon in North America, Hells Canyon. It is 2,438 meters deep, deeper than the Grand Canyon. Also located in Idaho is Shoshone Falls, which has a drop of 210 feet (65 meters) higher than Niagara Falls. The tallest mountain in the state of Idaho is Borah Peak at 3,857 meters. Check Ask4Beauty for more information about the state of Idaho. According to topmbadirectory, Idaho is home to a number of excellent business schools, offering a wide range of options for those looking to pursue a business degree. The University of Idaho is one of the top universities in the state, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in business-related fields such as accounting, finance, marketing management, logistics and supply chain management. Additionally, U of I offers an MBA program with concentrations in areas such as healthcare administration and operations management. Another great choice for aspiring business professionals is Boise State University. At BSU, students can choose from several undergraduate and graduate programs in business-related fields such as finance, accounting, marketing management, logistics and supply chain management. Additionally, BSU also offers an MBA program with concentrations in areas such as entrepreneurship and international business. For those looking to specialize in specific areas of business such as economics or real estate development, Northwest Nazarene University offers certificates and degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Additionally, NNU also offers an Executive MBA program tailored for experienced professionals who are looking to advance their career in corporate leadership roles.

Almo, Idaho Weather

Almo, Idaho, located in the western United States, experiences a unique weather and climate pattern that is characteristic of its geographical location and elevation. Situated at an elevation of approximately 5,300 feet in Cassia County, Almo is part of a region known for its diverse weather conditions and distinct seasonal changes. The climate in Almo… Read More »

Albion, Idaho Weather

Albion, Idaho, located in the Northwestern United States, experiences a semi-arid climate with distinct seasons. The town is perched at an elevation of 4,534 feet, which has a significant influence on its weather patterns. In this 600-word description, we’ll delve into the various aspects of the weather and climate in Albion. Albion experiences warm summers… Read More »

Ahsahka, Idaho Weather

Ahsahka, Idaho, is a small unincorporated community located in Clearwater County. Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Ahsahka experiences a unique blend of weather and climate that is characteristic of the region. From the verdant forests to the pristine rivers, this area is known for its natural beauty and diverse ecosystems. In this… Read More »

Aberdeen, Idaho Weather

Aberdeen, Idaho experiences a semi-arid climate with distinct seasonal variations. Located in Bingham County in the southeastern part of the state, Aberdeen is characterized by its unique weather patterns and climatic conditions. The summers in Aberdeen are generally warm and dry. From June to August, temperatures often reach the mid-80s to low 90s Fahrenheit (around… Read More »

Lewisville, Idaho

Lewisville, Idaho is a city located in the northern part of the state, about an hour and a half drive from Boise. The city sits in a valley surrounded by mountains and hills with the Snake River running through it. The terrain surrounding Lewisville is mostly mountainous with the closest mountain range being the Bitterroot… Read More »

Hailey, Idaho

Hailey, Idaho is a small city located in the beautiful Wood River Valley of south-central Idaho. It is nestled among picturesque mountains and lush forests, providing a stunning backdrop to its vibrant community. The city is located roughly 8 miles south of Sun Valley and 35 miles north of Twin Falls. The Wood River Valley… Read More »

Ashton, Idaho Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Ashton, Idaho is situated in the south-central portion of the state, bordered by several other cities and towns. To the north lies Rexburg, a growing city with a population of over 25,000 people. Founded in 1883 by Mormon settlers, Rexburg is home to Brigham Young University-Idaho, making it a popular destination for students and faculty… Read More »

Ava Hot Springs, Idaho

Ava Hot Springs, Idaho is located in the southeast corner of the state, nestled in the foothills of the Bitterroot Mountains. It is a small rural community with a population of just over 400 people. The area is characterized by its rolling hills, lush forests and natural hot springs. The terrain of Ava Hot Springs… Read More »

Horseshoe Bend, Idaho

Horseshoe Bend, Idaho is a small city located in the Boise metropolitan area, with a population of approximately 4,500 people. The city is surrounded by rolling hills and mountains, providing scenic views and numerous outdoor activities for its citizens. The climate in Horseshoe Bend is generally mild and sunny, with temperatures ranging from the upper… Read More »

The Climate of Idaho

According to Abbreviation Finder, the US state of Idaho (ID) is located in the northwestern United States. Idaho has a primarily mountainous landscape. The Rocky Mountains determine a large part of the beautiful landscape, which sometimes has very rough sides, such as in the Hells Canyon and Balanced Rock. Idaho has a combination of arid… Read More »

Idaho History Timeline

Nomadic big game hunters inhabited the area now known as Idaho about 12,000 years ago. Around 5,000 years ago cultures with permanent homes emerged and around 1500 years ago bow and arrows came into use. By the 1700s, there was evidence of the Nez Perce in northern Idaho and the Shoshone in the Serpent River… Read More »