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Greece Population and Economy 1981

Population. – At the 1981 census, Greece counted 9,740,417 residents, almost one million more units than 10 years earlier, continuing the trend towards demographic increase (0.4% per year, 1983-88) which occurred in previous twenty years. The birth rate in more recent years tends to decrease quite rapidly (10.1 ‰ in 1989 against 14.5 ‰ in… Read More »

Greece Overview

Official language Greek Capital Athens Form of government republic Area 131.957 km² Residents 10,670,000 Currency Euro Time zone UTC + 2 OEZUTC + 3 OESZ (March – October) License plate GR Internet TLD .gr Telephone area code 0030 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Republic of Greece (Hellenic Republic; officially Greek: Ellinik¨ª Dimokrat¨ªa) is located in south-eastern… Read More »

Athens Attractions and Tourist

Acropolis of Athens Greece and Athens’s biggest tourist magnet is the Acropolis, located on a 150-meter high hill in the middle of the city. This was the centerpiece of Ancient Athens. Centrally located here is the famous temple of Parthenon, built 500 BC in honor of the goddess Athena, after which the city is named.… Read More »