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Germany History: the Postwar Period and the Partition of Germany

The administration of the victors had to purge people, institutions, books from Nazi ideas, rigorously apply disarmament, restrict industry to narrow limits, organize the withdrawals of goods for repairs. Provisional borders attributed East Prussia to the Soviet Union, Silesia and the area up to the Oder, including Szczecin, to restored Poland. From these regions millions… Read More »

Germany Geography

In 1950 there were 69 million residents in the two states, that is more or less the same as at the beginning of the Second World War, which however had led to a general aging of the population and a strong disparity between males and females, with direct consequences on natural increase. However, by 1960… Read More »

Germany Overview

Official language German Capital Berlin Form of government Parliamentary republic Area 357.114 km² Residents 82,220,000 Currency Euro Time zone UTC + 1 CETUTC + 2 CEST (March to October) License plate D Internet TLD .de Telephone area code 0049 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography With an area of ​​357,114 km², the Federal Republic of Germany is the… Read More »