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The state of Georgia is also located in the south-east of the USA. It is located north of Florida on the Atlantic coast, which stretches for about 160 kilometers across the state. The capital of Georgia is Atlanta with around 473,000 inhabitants. Atlanta is also Georgia's largest city. Georgia is one of the Thirteen Colonies and, like the aforementioned states of Arkansas and Florida, was part of the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865, which existed alongside the United States during this period. You can read more about this below. Georgia's tallest mountain is Brasstown Bald, at 4,500 feet (1,458 meters). It is located in the north of the state on the border with North Carolina. Georgia is the filming location for the zombie series – The Walking Dead. Check Ask4Beauty for more information about the state of Georgia. or Check mathgeneral for Georgia in 2017.

Atlanta, Georgia

Introduction Atlanta, capital of the state of Georgia, with 394,000 inhabitants. It is the state’s largest city and the major industrial, traffic, trade, and financial center of the southeastern United States. The industry produces foodstuffs and stimulants (coca-cola), textiles, fertilizers, means of transport and chemicals. See allcitypopulation for latest population of Atlanta. South of the city is… Read More »

The Climate of Georgia

According to Abbreviation Finder, the US state of Georgia (GA) in the southeastern United States, directly above Florida. Georgia has a warm maritime climate (type Cfa according to the Köppen-Geiger climate system), with warm and fairly humid summers, in which it can become very muggy. Winters are generally very mild, although night frost can certainly… Read More »

Georgia History Timeline

The Spaniards arrived here in 1540, destroying the quiet way of life of the American Indians. In only a few short years, forts and missions were built along the offshore islands; all subsequently becoming easy targets for the pirates who terrorized the area. In the late 17th century, the British and Spanish fought for control.… Read More »

Regions in Georgia

Adjara Ajari | en, Ajarian Autonomous Republic, Republic of Georgia, in the southwest of the Transcaucasus, borders on Turkey in the south, 2,900 km 2, (2016) 337,000 residents; The capital, most important industrial center and most important Georgian port is Batumi. Adjara includes the southwestern capping of the Lesser Caucasus (Meschetisches Mountains) and the coastal… Read More »

Georgia Overview

sakartwelo Official language Georgian Capital Tbilisi Form of government presidential republic Area 69.700 km² Residents 4,680,000 Currency lari Time zone UTC + 4 License plate GE Internet TLD .ge Telephone area code 00995 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Republic of Georgia belongs to the Caucasian countries and borders the Black Sea in the west, Russia in… Read More »