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Georgia History Timeline

The Spaniards arrived here in 1540, destroying the quiet way of life of the American Indians. In only a few short years, forts and missions were built along the offshore islands; all subsequently becoming easy targets for the pirates who terrorized the area. In the late 17th century, the British and Spanish fought for control.… Read More »

Regions in Georgia

Adjara Ajari | en, Ajarian Autonomous Republic, Republic of Georgia, in the southwest of the Transcaucasus, borders on Turkey in the south, 2,900 km 2, (2016) 337,000 residents; The capital, most important industrial center and most important Georgian port is Batumi. Adjara includes the southwestern capping of the Lesser Caucasus (Meschetisches Mountains) and the coastal… Read More »

Georgia Overview

sakartwelo Official language Georgian Capital Tbilisi Form of government presidential republic Area 69.700 km² Residents 4,680,000 Currency lari Time zone UTC + 4 License plate GE Internet TLD .ge Telephone area code 00995 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Republic of Georgia belongs to the Caucasian countries and borders the Black Sea in the west, Russia in… Read More »