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Places to Visit in Cannes, France

At the annual Cannes Film Festival, the city is inundated with world stars. Big names from the film world then stroll through the streets of the city. From the 1970s when an artificial sandy beach was created in Cannes, it was visited by many tourists. The place is still known as a fashionable city where… Read More »

Tourism in Reunion, France

According to phonejust.com, Reunion Island is a piece of France in the Indian Ocean. In any city of Reunion, there are chic colonial mansions, all signs are written in French, and the service does not lag behind the European one. The main attraction of the island is its nature. The centuries-old activity of the Reunion… Read More »

France Overview

Republic in Western Europe with a long Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, western neighbor of Germany, 547 026 km², 66 million residents, capital Paris,official language French. Official language French Capital Paris Form of government Parliamentary presidential democracy Area 547.026 km² Residents 66,000,000 Currency Euro Time zone UTC + 1 License plate F Internet TLD .fr Telephone… Read More »