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Eritrea Literature

Due to the linguistic plurality of the country, it is very difficult to define the literature of Eritrea. It is in fact a multi-ethnic society in which there are nine indigenous languages, each with its own oral literary tradition and some even written. English is also widespread, used for teaching in schools; l ‘ Amharic,… Read More »

Eritrea History and Culture

HISTORY: THE LIBERATION STRUGGLE FROM ETHIOPIA In 1960, however, Ethiopia incorporated Eritrea as a province, causing the reaction of the Eritreans, who came organizing themselves into liberation movements (FLE, Eritrean Liberation Front; FPLE, Eritrean Popular Front) whose tenacious armed struggle against the Ethiopian army, conducted with ups and downs, has characterized the recent, troubled history… Read More »

Eritrea Overview

Official language Tigrinya, Arabic Capital Asmara Form of government Presidential Republic Area 121.144 km² Residents 4,560,000 Currency Nakfa Time zone UTC + 3 License plate HE Internet TLD .he Telephone area code 00291 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The state of Eritrea, an independent country since 1993, is located in Northeast Africa on the Red Sea. With… Read More »