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Brief History of El Salvador

In the pre-Columbian era, Indian tribes migrated through the territory of El Salvador. The Maya were replaced by the Toltecs, later by the Aztecs. By the 16th century Pipil and Lenca tribes settled. In 1524–28 the country was conquered by Spanish troops, and in 1560 it became part of the Captaincy General of Guatemala. During… Read More »

El Salvador History and Culture

Pre-colonial empires of the Chortí, Pipil and Lenca Today’s western area of ​​El Salvador belonged to the southern edge of the Mayan high culture. When the Maya culture ended around the year 1000, the peoples migrated south and established several small empires there. In El Salvador, for example, this was the kingdom of the Chortí,… Read More »

El Salvador Overview

Official language Spanish Capital San Salvador Form of government Presidential Republic Area 21,041 km² Residents 6,710,000 Currency US dollars, Colon Time zone UTC -6 License Plate IT Internet TLD .sv Telephone area code 00503 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Republic of El Salvador is located in Central America and, with around 21 041 km² and its… Read More »